Eveready – American brand that manufactures electric batteries

Eveready portable batteries

Introduction of Eveready:

Eveready is an American brand that manufactures electric batteries. It is one of the largest company that manufactures portable batteries and other lightning sources.

The company took its start up in 1890. Eveready makes reliable batteries in China and United States and provide other facilities in all over the world related to production.

Eveready fulfils power needs that you and your family needs in performing daily tasks. They are giving portable power since decades for everyone and everywhere.

Its productions:

Its first production was D sized dry cell battery. Later they develop AA size battery and at that time they also introduce lanterns and flash lights that used AA size battery.

In 1911 they introduce AAA size battery and their specialised developers continued giving such amazing new portable products throughout the years.

In 1956, Eveready developers introduce 9 volt battery and then later in 1957, they manufactured alkaline battery.

After that people always choose Eveready batteries to power their every day devices and instruments. Eveready is giving its best products till now and continues their efforts for reliability.

Eveready goal:

Eveready mission is to provide portable power to their consumers and clients at its best level which they never consumed before.

Importance of batteries:

Batteries gives power to devices. It runs everything from mobile phones to kids toys, from distinctive machines to different appliances.

They need proper care and handling. If you over recharge any battery, then they will not work with proper efficiency and if you charge it well then they provide you with long lasting energy. In nut shell, proper storage, handling and care can make batteries to run long last.

What are lanterns???

Lantern is a type of device that used to light up surroundings. They are portable and reliable. It means you can carry them with you everywhere. You can use it as a light source in a darker environment.

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Eoupon store is giving you variety of Eveready products such as; Eveready collapsible led lanterns, Eveready 360 led camping lantern, Eveready tactical led flash light and led head lamp.

Eveready collapsible and 360 camping led lantern:


These lanterns are made with material plastic. They are water resistant and gives amazing bright led light which can be used for directional lightning as well.

These lanterns operates with 3 AA battery. It can run fir continuous 16 hours in lantern mode and 9 hours in flash light mode.

These lanterns has good magnetic attraction so it can be easily mount at any base. These types of lanterns can hang with any base or hook which makes it more perfect and reliable.

These type of lanterns have four different operating modes like 360° mode, flash light mode, night vision mode and Sos mode for sudden urgencies and emergencies.

These lanterns are reliable, portable and durable. These are best option for indoor and outdoor activities.

I think these lanterns are versatile. They can be used for many functions at a time. You can hold it or hang it as well.

Their magnetic base is so strong. They are very light in weight and a great choice for indoor and outdoor darker activities.

Their light is so bright that you can see even 10 feet away things clearly. You can use it at home when there is no electricity.

They are also great for road side emergencies at night as well. The thing that makes them more perfect is that they has two battery configuration.

If you want bright light u can go for option 4 and if you want to extend your battery time then you can go on level 2 where it would give us soft light.

The best thing is that the batteries are replaceable and we can use common batteries in time of emergencies as well.

I definitely recommend these lanterns. In nut shell, these lanterns are best choice for camping and power outage at home. You can surely buy it with confidence and get reliable performance and power.

Eveready tactical led flash light:


This portable and reliable flash light is made with material aluminium. These are light in weight and shines on adventures either big or small.

It has rechargeable battery that can easily recharge by power bank or USB cable. They are best option for hiking, camping, power outages, fishing and emergencies.

They have three modules. They are water resistant as well. These flash lights are reliable, portable and durable. These are best option for indoor and outdoor activities.

The brightness of this flash light is amazing. I have never seen a flash light that lightens things so clearly even in dark.

Its on and off button access is pretty good as it is on the side where it is very easy to access. Its size is so good that you can easily hold it and it has a nice wrist band so our hands will be free to manage other things as well.

It give us three types of modules. First press gives us bright light. Second one gives us dim light and last press gives us strobe light.

This flash light is even clear in day time also. The feature I love most is that it can be recharged by a USB cable instead of batteries.

So, this is really very convenient for everyone to simply be plugged and charged when need. I definitely recommend this to my friends to buy this product from Eveready. You can surely buy it with confidence and get reliable performance and power.

Eveready led head lamps:


Eveready led head lamps are made with material plastic. They are compact, reliable and durable that offers hands free light.

They are even adjustable, removable and washable as well. They are so comfortable that you can’t feel and discomfort after wearing it.

They are light in weight and gives bright light which can run continuously for about two hours. Their battery is built in and rechargeable.

You can see DIY projects very clearly without any distraction with led head lamps. Usually dental surgeon used this light while examine the patients oral condition.

This head lamps are also used in adventures while exploring nee things. They are also having shatter proof lens so one can use it in different conditions according to their surroundings and environment.

They have two modules as well. They can easily recharged by mini USB cables which makes it more worth full.

I think they are versatile and best option for indoor activities, out door activities, night hiking, camping, hunting and power outages.

These hands free head lamps are reliable, portable and durable. One thing that makes it more worth full to buy is that this has only two modes.

Mostly head lamps are having bunch of mode that makes them so congested. But Eveready heads lamps are sooper easy to use. They are amazing for emergencies and power outages at home as well. I definitely recommend these head lamps to buy.

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