Everything you Need to Know to Choose the Best Carpet for each Space of your House

Carpet For House

Few elements help you to organise and delimit the space for rugs. Carpets provide a wide repertoire of advantages that make them a fundamental element in living rooms, bedrooms, and even the hall or hallway.

But to hit the target it is important to know how to choose the perfect rug for each case. Not all carpets work the same way in all types of environments.

Here are some tips to get it right.

The importance of dressing your floors

A rug is more than a decorative object. It fulfils several important functions, in addition to adding beauty to the floors of the house and helping you to delimit certain areas.

Floor rugs from nz It offers great thermal insulation, making interiors warmer in winter. It also isolates the space from an acoustic point of view.  It muffles the sound of footsteps and increases comfort.

In addition, the rugs reduce static electricity and protect the floors from the uninvited activities of everyday life.

A piece that decorates

If you analyse the role of rugs from a decorative point of view, leaving aside the rest of the advantages they have, you immediately realise the power they have as ornamental elements.

Whether it is a plain or patterned model, a rug is capable of adding character and personality to any space. You just have to choose the perfect rug from a wide variety of options.

Bet on ethnic rugs that are a treasure, on contemporary designs with geometric motifs, on smooth rugs with a marked texture, etc. Remember that the rug must be in harmony with the rest of the decoration elements, from the curtains and the rest of the textiles to the furniture.

Plain or printed?

There is no definitive answer to this question because everything depends on the decoration of the environment in which you are going to place your rug.

As a general rule, if the textiles in your living room are plain, you can opt for a patterned rug, but if you already have various patterns or prints on the rest of the elements, it is best to opt for a plain rug.

The latter, if you choose them in neutral and light colours, bring light to the environment. Warm colours add comfort and make spaces more welcoming. As for cold colours, they are relaxing and perfect for the bedroom.

How to choose the right size for the living room

This is one of the most important points when choosing a carpet for the living room. You do not always take it into account as you should, which causes you to make mistakes while selecting the right carpet.

You can avoid this mistake if you pay more attention to the details required for the perfect rug for the living room.

In the living room, you can place a large rug, so that the legs of the sofa and the rest of the chairs or armchairs are inside it. If you have to opt for a smaller model, at least the front legs of the sofa should be inside.

For large rooms, you need XXL size rugs that delimit the space. Otherwise, the room will seem smaller than it is.

Ideas to choose the rug for the dining room

A rug in the dining room helps to structure the environment and protect the floor. However, you have to know how to choose it so that the result is harmonic.

Keep in mind that the rug must cover the entire space occupied by the table and chairs, protruding between 50 and 80 cm from the table on all sides. In this way, diners can sit down and get up comfortably, without tripping over the edge of the carpet.

Keep in mind that if your table is round, you should choose a rug with the same circular shape. For rectangular or square tables, the mat must also be rectangular.

If you want to avoid headaches about food spilling on rugs, choose a dark rug for the dining room, which is tough enough to handle the food marks and stains.

Warmth in the bedroom

There are a number of rug options for the bedroom. In these spaces where rest and relaxation are the goals to achieve, rugs provide an extra dose of comfort that is very valuable and allow you to walk barefoot with complete comfort.

As a general rule, the rug should protrude about 50 cm from each side of the bed. If you cannot place a large rug, opt for smaller models on both sides of the bed, reaching to the foot to complete the space.

To liven up the hallway

Decorating a hallway is not easy, especially if it is narrow and does not allow you to use too many resources. That’s why rugs become a very practical tool to add colour, interest, and warm touch.

Choose the style you like best, as well as the colour scheme, pattern, etc. If your corridor is very long, you can put two equal rugs to shorten it visually.

The rug should not be too close to the side walls. Leave at least 30 cm of distance so that the space is not overloaded.

The best maintenance

Keeping your carpets free of dirt and stains may seem like an impossible mission, but it’s actually easier than you think.

Carpets can become the perfect place for dust mites, so it’s important to give them the attention they need. Start by shaking out the small ones whenever possible.

Larger ones should be vacuumed frequently to remove dust. Vacuum slowly, going over the entire surface of the carpet.

In the event of an accident, when your carpet is stained, it is best to clean it as soon as possible with a solution of water and ammonia. Gently rub and then rinse with a damp cloth.

If you want to eliminate bad odours from your carpet, sprinkle baking soda on it and leave it to act overnight. Vacuum the next day and your rug will be perfect.

It is hard to eliminate bad odours and and stains from Handmade Carpet , they  required extra maintenance and regular cleaning , hire professional carpet cleaning services in order to make it spotless and germ-free

The perfect model for children

You can not miss a rug for the children’s room. It offers them a perfect, soft and comfortable surface, on which they play comfortably.

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Except in the event that your children are allergic to dust mites, the rug will decorate their room and provide warmth. As a precaution, choose a carpet with a non-slip base to prevent slips and falls.