Everything Your Janitorial Crew Could Need

Everything Your Janitorial Crew Could Need

Whether you’re in charge of stocking the janitor’s closet at work or own a cleaning business that handles the night cleaning for various office buildings, you and your cleaning staff need cleaning supplies in order to do your jobs.

Especially during flu season or around the time of company events, a well-equipped team is a clear indication of professionalism.

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of companies have become more and more aware of what it takes to keep their establishments safe for being open; which includes stricter cleaning protocols and regimens. Below are key items that your janitorial crew could need in order to do a thorough job.

Trash Bags

Your cleaning team will need to collect and dispose of any and all garbage in the office and around the premise they’re responsible for when cleaning.

This means having access to a variety of trash bags in different sizes: large ones for their own trash collection and the larger trash cans in order to line them, and small ones to line personal wastebaskets or to have on hand while using disposable cleaning products (such as wipes or pads).

Additionally, ensuring that trash bags are well placed in their assigned bins to avoid them coming loose, collapsing within the bin, and catching none of the actual trash is also important.

Otherwise, your team, or even you, are going to have to gather whatever didn’t make it into the bag by hand in order to throw it away. It is vital to ensure that trash bags only hold solid waste to prevent leakages and messing surfaces when cleaning is done.

Glass Cleaner

It’s very unlikely your building or office space does not include windows or some sort of glass surface within the office.

Therefore, you’re going to need window cleaner in order to get rid of smudges, matter, and streaks. This applies to every reflective or glass surface in your offices, such as the windows, doors, and tables.

Possibly even any glass partitions. Getting an effective glass cleaner is of the essence in order to avoid leaving your own streaks behind or leaving the window cloudy because the cleaner couldn’t be picked up correctly.

Having quality glass-cleaning cloths to go along with is also necessary in order to effectively clean and avoid possibly scratching the glass.

In addition to this, you may buy your glass cleaner in bulk which necessitates you to buy spray bottles to facilitate the cleaning process.

Floor Cleaning Equipment

Mops, buckets, hand brooms, vacuum cleaners, and floor scrubbers will all aid your team in making your office floors both squeaky clean and shiny.

Scrubbers are especially important as they can save your team time and energy getting the floors mopped or waxed.

By injecting surfaces with water, and scrubbing and lifting dirt off floors, scrubbers ensure that you deliver a great cleaning experience to the office at large.

Beyond scrubbers, however, there are also the more manual forms of cleaning. Dustpans and brooms are also great for collecting the loose dirt that might have been tracked in from the outside (especially if you live in a dusty area) and disposing of it prior to using your automatic cleaning equipment or any moping in general so you can get to the matter that’s really stuck to the floors.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cleaning products, dust, and residue from floors can contaminate the skin and eyes, making it necessary to have your team put on protective gear to counter this.

Beyond that, there may be products members of your team are outright allergic to, making it extra difficult for them to clean the office properly.

Nitrile, latex, or rubber gloves are a must-have when handling chemicals to prevent skin peeling. Dust masks are also necessary, as are shoe covers and an antibacterial hand wash to wade off any bacteria or any disease-causing micro-organism.

Air Freshener

Leaving a place you were cleaning smelling fresh leaves a lasting impression on clients. Therefore, it is of the essence to ensure that you buy a quality, mild air freshener to liven up rooms and create a more conducive environment than the one you found for your clients.

Researching the best brands and prioritizing quality over price ensures that you provide a great cleaning experience.

Cleaning equipment is usually put in various categories depending on the surface that they are being used to clean.

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Ensuring that you have a detailed bucket list of the equipment you need to deliver quality is crucial. The items mentioned above are some of the most important cleaning tools to equip your team with.