Ex Google launches WhatsApp Learning Platform ‘chaabi’ to Transform Blue-Collar Upskilling


~chaabi is a disruptive B2B SaaS platform upskilling India’s blue-collar industry~

National, 5th October 2023: With the vision to make upskilling easy & accessible, chaabi launches their WhatsApp Learning Platform—a first-of-its-kind solution set to revolutionize blue-collar workforce training in India.

Engineered with AI-Powered Vernacular Content offered in 10+ Indian native languages, the platform elevates training accessibility and completion rates through a dynamic gamification approach. To drive business impact, chaabi’s platform distinguishes itself by offering limitless customization options for training creation, real-time data analytics, and intelligent user enrollment.

Recent market analysis has underscored an impressive 73% surge in job openings targeting blue and grey collar workers. This surge serves as a clear indicator of the escalating demand for skilled labour across various sectors.

Upon conducting a survey, we found that 92% workers don’t receive any vocational training and 87% of the workers were struggling with learning in English and some in Hindi as well which made chaabi build AI-Powered Vernacular Content that trains people in their preferred languages.

The incorporation of advanced AI technology facilitates personalized learning journeys, enabling individuals to progress at their own pace while honing skills that align with their career aspirations.

Speaking on the launch, Puneet Dhiman, Founder and CEO of chaabi.ai said, “India’s 500 million plus blue-collar workforce is poised for transformation. With WhatsApp, India’s most widely used app, as the primary platform we ensure efficient delivery of job-specific training tailored to blue-collar workers. This approach helps in enhancing productivity and employability among this vital segment of our workforce.”

With its innovative approach, chaabi aims to reshape the landscape of skill development and employment prospects for millions of blue-collar workers across the nation. By seamlessly integrating the convenience of WhatsApp with the power of AI, chaabi is at the forefront of this transformative journey.

About chaabi:

chaabi is a disruptive B2B SaaS platform upskilling India’s blue-collar industry. It merges WhatsApp learning with AI-powered Vernacular Content, improving the learning, grasping & retaining capabilities of blue-collar workers.

This transformative approach narrows the skill gap and empowers employers, recruiters, or government institutions to deliver targeted training to help build a new Bharat. With an unwavering commitment, chaabi aims to upskill one million individuals by 2026, revolutionizing employability and reshaping the future of the blue-collar workforce in India.

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