Ex Hair Originals Co-founder and Serial Entrepreneur Ashish Tiwari Launches – Hair Forever, a Hair Extension Manufacturing Startup

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Hair Forever raises angel round worth USD 150K

New Delhi, Delhi, India: Dec 29, 2021: Ashish Tiwari, former co-founder of Hair Originals, serial entrepreneur has started a new venture in the hair extension domain – Hair Forever.

Hair Forever has raised US$150K in a pre-seed round from a range of angel investors. This is the serial entrepreneur’s third venture after HealthKhoj and Hair Originals.

Ashish joined Hair Originals in November 2019 as a co-founder along with Jitendra Sharma. The start-up had also attracted investment in the ongoing live start-up pitching show Shark Tank India.

However, things turned sour between the partners and Ashish walked out of the venture to launch Hair Forever in December 2021.

“Certainly, we had high expectations from the previous venture, however a lot of things went off-track in terms of partnerships that held back the anticipated growth.

I faced betrayal in terms of equity shares and was driven to survive without money for the entire stint of working with Hair Originals.

Founder & CEO, Hair Forever, Mr. Ashish Tiwari said that it restricted my professional and personal development. Based on betrayal, false pretext and fraud, I had no choice but to proceed for legal remedies.

Closing the previous chapter, he embarked on the entrepreneurial path and started working in the direction he aspired to.

Taking a step ahead, he plans to season the overall experience of hair extensions for users with AI integration.

Going a step further, they plan to season the overall hair extension experience for users with AI integration.

Hair Forever will explore AI integration to transform customers’ shopping experience, i.e., users will be able to try out almost all types of extensions and be sure of the length, color, volume, etc., before buying or installing hair extensions.

Taking advantage of previous experience in manufacturing, marketing and business models, he understands the areas that can be improved to establish a healthy business structure.

“Hair Forever will provide people with quality products that are inaccessible to the Indian audience at a reasonable cost.

Most of the quality product is exported, despite the fact that India is the largest supplier of raw materials in this business.

What the businessmen are ignoring is that India becomes the strongest market for the product if harvested properly.

 “At Hair Forever, we will not only serve overseas but also establish a foothold in the domestic market” Ashish Tiwari added.

Ashish, Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineer from IIT Kharagpur had worked with several notable brands like Cisco, AIG, Roundglass and Droom Technology before starting his journey at Hair Originals. Now he has his eye on an accelerated trajectory for Hair Forever as well.

Hair Forever has already set up the facility in Gurugram, Haryana, and plans to be aggressive in terms of manufacturing to meet its target of cutting a thicker slice in the market share in the top 4 Indian markets – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Pune, by the middle of 2022.

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