How Can I Support My Child To Exam Success?

Exam Success Support

Exams are crucial phases in the child’s academics, whether in their early primary school years or GCSE.

Therefore, parents try every possible way to help and support their children to exam success. However, parents should know how to improve the child’s learning habits and grades efficiently. That is only achievable when they plan the exams preparation adequately.

As we know, some exams are compulsory, including assessments and entrance exams. The exams focus mainly on core subjects, Maths and English.

However, some parents prefer Maths and English Tuition in London and other cities. The fact is, the fee or cost of private tuition is high and only affluent people can afford it.

So, most parents prefer preparing their children at home, and they need some proper guidelines for exam success support. This article will help you learn how effectively you can help your child through exams preparation.

Pro Tips To Help Parents Support Their Children To Exam Success!

Parents are a significant part of a child’s life. Children look at their parents and depend on them for small things.

Moreover, they are inspired by their parents. So, when it comes to education, they must be helpful, and it is only possible when parents know how to deal with exam preparation challenges. The following strategies will improve the exam preparation process.

Promote A Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

Parents should keep a healthy and friendly relationship with their children. As a matter of fact, it is the foundation for successful parenting.

A child opens up in front of their parents if they have a good relationship. Similarly, they feel comfortable asking for help from their parents.

So, you should start exam preparation by developing a friendly and trusting relationship with your child.

There is a reason that experts rank it at the top among all strategies or tips. Moreover, you can help your child with homework to improve their performance with this practice.

Listen To The Child’s Challenges

To start the exam preparation, you should be aware of the child’s challenges, subject strengths and weaknesses.

It will help in planning out the tailored exams preparation. So, ask your child what subjects they feel are complex and what kind of help they need.

Asking your child their challenges will encourage them to tell you about the exact difficulties. Moreover, they will feel that you understand them and help them out.

List Down the Improvement Areas

After knowing about your child’s challenges, you must list down the areas you need to work on more than others.

It is an excellent practice for exam success support that parents must consider. However, you will not miss out on helping your child with these challenging areas if you write them down. So, it allows you to go back and double-check.

Use Past Papers and Worksheets

Past papers play a significant role in comprehensive exams preparation at any level. Fortunately, the past papers are now easily accessible online on different sites.

You can easily download these papers, print them out and give your children a solution for practising the topics.

Moreover, you can even help them solve online practice tests at different learning platforms, including Explore Learning, Kumon and Adnan Khan Tutoring. Such platforms have already done their homework and brought the best online learning for people across the UK.

Consult with Teachers

Parents should always consult or ask for guidance from experts and teachers. They let you know the core strategies and tips for exam success and support your child’s learning.

So, you can learn more effective techniques from experts that will improve your knowledge and exams preparation process.

Moreover, you should go to your child’s school and ask teachers about your child’s progress. It will give you insight into your child’s current performance, and teachers will let you know about the areas your child struggles.

Make A Proper Timetable

Proper scheduling is extremely important. Set an appropriate regular timetable and learning hours with breaks to catch some air and relax.

As you know, breaks are crucial and keep the child relaxed even if exam preparation is a strenuous task.

So, it is one of the most suggested tips by experts. However, you should make a timetable or a schedule to boost your child’s exams preparation. Moreover, you can even add fun activities to the timetable.

Practice and Revision

Practising and revising is an important part of any exam preparation, even the regular tests. Therefore, you must ensure your child practices all-important lessons, covering the entire curriculum, past papers and exam worksheets before the exam day. Moreover, take out some time for revision as it helps children go through all the core topics.


Nothing better than parents preparing their children for exams. They already have a synergy that will boost exam success and support throughout the journey.

So, top tips have been explained to help parents prepare the child for any exams, starting from SATs, Assessments, 11 Plus and GCSE.

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These tips are applied to all academic levels. Parents need to prepare themselves before preparing the child for their exams. However, these tips will be useful if you are in the process of preparing for exams.