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The best time to book your Delhi to Chennai flights is right now. Step into this other world of India as Madras is much more than pretty beaches, authentic South Indian food, and historical sites. The striking contrast and visible similarities in India’s north and south sides are truly astonishing. Let’s go through how you can make your trip budget-friendly and get the best deal on these flights.

1.  Early Booking

The principle of early booking is rooted in supply and demand dynamics. Airlines release a limited number of seats at lower fares in the early phases. They gradually increase as the departure date nears.

By reserving your Delhi to Chennai flight well in advance, you secure a seat and benefit from the lower pricing tiers. This approach also provides you with a wider range of flight options and schedules to choose from. That can greatly enhance your flexibility.

2.  Flexible Dates

Flexibility in travel dates can yield significant savings. Peak travel seasons, holidays, and weekends often witness higher demand, resulting in escalated fares.

Opting for mid-week or off-peak travel allows you to tap into lower prices and a quieter travel experience. Being open to adjusting your travel dates by a day or two can lead to substantial cost reductions.

If you are going to book early, you will be able to access that. Early planning is the key when it comes to booking your flights.

3.  Book Round-Trip

Booking a round-trip flight often proves more cost-effective than purchasing two separate one-way tickets. IndiGo offers reduced fares for round-trip bookings, encouraging travellers to commit to both legs of the journey.

Compare the total cost of round-trip versus one-way tickets to determine the most budget-friendly option. Doing so will also help you travel stress-free and enjoy your time in the city well.

You can easily look for your Chennai to Delhi flights while looking for return-route options.

4.  Cash In on Rewards

If you’re a frequent flyer or have credit cards that offer travel rewards, this is the time to capitalise on them.

Redeem accumulated miles or points to offset your flight cost or even secure a free ticket. Many credit cards offer travel-related perks like travel insurance or airport lounge access. Learn more about the offers well in advance to understand how you can reap the benefits of these flights.

Availing of that early on and learning about them can greatly help you in enhancing your overall travel experience without extra expenses.

5.  Utilise Offers and Membership Programs

Aviation brands like IndiGo frequently roll out special offers, discounts, and deals for their customers. Keep an eye on their official website and subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated about ongoing promotions.

Additionally, consider enrolling in IndiGo’s membership programs like the IndiGo Student Discount or 6E Rewards, where you can earn points for future travel, access exclusive deals, and enjoy added benefits.

6.  Opt for IndiGo’s FareLock Feature

Did you know you could reserve your fare using this website feature?

IndiGo’s FareLock feature allows you to reserve a flight at a particular fare for up to 72 hours. That gives you time to finalise your travel plans without worrying about fare fluctuations.

This can be especially beneficial when you come across a favourable fare for your Delhi to Chennai flights but need some time to confirm other aspects of your trip. That ultimately helps you lock in lower prices.

7.  Travel Light with Cabin Baggage

Airlines offer a generous cabin baggage allowance. That totals to about 15kg check-in allowance per person for your domestic flights.

This allows you to carry a specific weight and size of baggage on board without additional charges. Utilise this allowance effectively by packing smartly and avoiding the need to check in baggage.

This saves you time at the airport and helps you avoid checked baggage fees. It can greatly help you with your overall cost savings. Pack smartly and pay less that way.


Fly smart, pay less with your Delhi to Chennai flights, and take advantage of IndiGo’s exclusive sale options while booking your flights. Apart from all of that, these tips can greatly save the day for you. Keep your budget intact for exploring Chennai, and don’t miss out on these ways to fly cost-effectively and efficiently.

These major hacks can make your travel journey efficient for you and your loved ones, and they would surely appreciate this added knowledge of how you can make the most out of your journey and flight bookings. Let us know in the comments below if you found these tips helpful. Happy travel!

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