Exercise during periods – What all you should keep in mind

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Exercise during periods – What all you should keep in mind

Does the idea of period exercise make you want to put your running shoes away permanently? You’re not the only one who worries that your period will interfere with your workout schedule.

During this time of the month, a lot of people skip their workouts for a variety of reasons. However, simply because you are on your period is not a valid excuse for skipping exercise.

In this article, let’s look at the benefits of exercising during periods and the exercises you can do and refrain from.

Benefits of exercising during periods

The pain won’t necessarily increase if you exercise during your period. A well-planned workout, on the other hand, has both physical and mental benefits that can be quite helpful for reducing period pain. Following are a few advantages:

  • Reduces PMS symptoms: One common symptom of PMS is having discomfort and exhaustion in the days before your period arrives. Regular exercise may undoubtedly aid in easing these aches.
  • Experience an endorphin release: According to studies, exercise encourages the release of endorphins, which improves mood. Endorphins are also organic medicines that might lessen period discomfort.
  • Gain more strength and power: According to research, women’s strength and power can increase during the first two weeks of their menstrual cycle because fewer female hormones are present.
  • Mood can be improved: Exercising can always improve your mood, whether you are in the middle of your period.
  • Fights period pains: Light walking has been demonstrated to be effective in reducing the discomfort of period pains.

Best exercises to do during periods

Due to cramping in the stomach and excessive bleeding, the first few days of a period can be difficult. You may find that exercising helps you during these difficult situations. Here are a few quick exercises to keep you in good health and spirits:


The best exercise you can do while having a period is a short, easy walk. So, lace up your preferred pair of shoes and head out for a stroll or quick walk.


During the last days of your periods, you can go running or if you only experience minor symptoms. If you feel uneasy, go for a jog and make sure to take breaks. Running will instantly make you feel less uncomfortable and agitated.


Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

Just stretching and breathing movements during yoga will calm your agitated and grumpy mood. Yoga has been scientifically shown to help your body relax and relieve period symptoms like cramping and bloating.

Light lifting

Try power-based exercises and mild lifting at home to improve your muscles’ flexibility and strength.


Dancing is an enjoyable activity that can improve your mood and burn additional calories.

Exercises to avoid during periods

Exercises during your period shouldn’t put your body under additional strain because this can affect your period. Therefore, there are some activities you should avoid doing when on your period.

  • Strenuous exercises should be avoided.
  • Exercising for an extended period of time should be avoided.
  • Yoga inversion poses are not advised.
  • Don’t force your body. Make sure to pay attention to your body.

Regular exercise has a hugely positive impact on both your physical and mental well being. Unless you experience severe symptoms, there is no scientific justification for skipping your usual workout during your period.

Many medical professionals would advise you to exercise now because it will be good for your body. In order to calm your body and mind, pay attention to your body and perform light activities.

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