Expert Tips To Stay Warm & Cozy This Winters

Stay Warm - Cozy This Winters

Overdose of hot chocolate & soup, peppy high-necks, knitted pullovers, and pretty long jackets are the vibes of chilling winters.

On the flip side, runny nose, illness, and cold intolerance are other symptoms of winter’s arrival. In chilling winters, everyone wants to keep their space warm to enjoy cold weather to the fullest.

Using air conditioners is one option to maintain adequate room temperature in winters; however, it’s expensive, and everybody can’t afford it.

ACs consume high power and leave you with hefty electricity bills. Here we will uncover some inexpensive ways to stay cozy in winters.

From mattress warmers to home insulation, several economical ways are there to keep yourself toasty and warm. Read this article to know how to stay warm and relax.

Use Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are the easiest and inexpensive way to stay comfy and warm in winters. All you need to do is fill it with boiled water and keep it under the quilt in your bed just half an hour before going to bed.

These bottles are effectively insulated, meaning they can remain hot for long hours. You can also make body contact with a hot bottle to feel more relaxed in frigid winters.

Nowadays electric hot bottles are also available in the market. It’s good to use them if you feel too lazy to boil water. Don’t get worried about electricity bills as they consume very little power.

Use Humidifiers

We all know that humid air gives a warmer feeling in lieu of dry air. So, using an electric humidifier in winters is best to keep your house environment cozy.

However, there is a disadvantage too. Very high humidity in the air gives rise to bacteria and mold.

But, if you are using heaters or a fireplace in your space, there is no need to worry. Since heating appliances and fires dry out the air and balance the effect of the humidifier.

Moreover, too much dry air can cause dehydration and respiratory problems, which can be avoided by installing humidifiers at your place.

Use Heated Mattresses

Using electric mattress warmers is another proven tip for staying relaxed and warm during winters without burning your pocket.

These give you a cozy feel and help reduce joint pains that occur due to chilling colds or arthritis.

Unlike air conditioners, they use pretty low power and wipe out winter’s tiredness. Simply place the electric pad beneath the sheet and above the regular mattress a few minutes before sleeping.

Although several brands sell this product in the market, Electro Warmth, Sunbeam, Beautyrest, and Serta are the most trusted.

Insulate Your Home

You will be surprised to know that around half of the heat produced inside the home dissipates through walls. Thus it would be beneficial to insulate the walls from outside to keep them toasty inside.

A few years back, the expanded foam was used as insulation material; however, nowadays, the use of polystyrene beads has become more common.

You can fit them in the cavities of walls or even on the exterior of walls. But, the use of protective layers over these materials is imperative for optimum performance in the long run.

Insulate Windows

Windows insulation, like wall insulation, is also essential because heat is lost immediately from its surface. Using solely thick layers of curtains will not work in icy-cold weather.

Instead, you need to film on the window surface to keep your home warm. Windows film looks like bubble wrap and is built with an insulating substance.

Modify Interior

A little modification in furniture and room interior gives the room a cozy and comfy feel. The best thing you can do to avoid cold air hitting is to move the armchair, stools, sofa near the windows where sunlight falls.

Also, keep them away from the room heater or radiators, so that warm air freely moves around the room.

Using dim light fixtures is another amazing way to create a sense of harmony and a warm feel in your home.

The Bottom Line-:

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It’s tricky to keep warm without spending a lot in winters. However, the above tips can help you stay cozy in frightful cold weather without consuming much power. Read health and fitness articles and business articles from our guest authors.