At Agrawal Business Conclave, experts highlighted the crucial role of the government in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Mr Vinod Agrwal at ABC 2023

The Conclave brought together business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers to foster collaborations and drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ahmedabad, 19th June 2023 : Shri Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha (SAVM), Gujarat an organisation dedicated to empowering the Agrawal community, successfully organised the inaugural edition of Agrawal Business Conclave (ABC 2023) on June 17 and 18.

The Agrawal Business Conclave (ABC) brought together esteemed business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, academia, and other stakeholders from the Agrawal community from across the state and country to foster collaboration, promote entrepreneurship, drive innovation, and fuel economic growth.

The Conclave provided an exceptional platform to identify opportunities, address challenges, and stay updated on the latest government policies and initiatives supporting business development and growth.

Successful business models and case studies were analysed to emphasise the importance of competitiveness and implementing social and environmental sustainability in business practices.

Suresh Arya, Chief Patron of Agrawal Business Conclave (ABC), said, “The objective of organising the Conclave was to bring the Agrawal community together on a platform that encourages dialogue, learning, and collaboration, creating a vibrant business ecosystem.

The enthusiastic response to the Conclave from the community members made it a great learning experience.

The Conclave has strengthened the community’s resolve to play an even bigger role in the country’s economic growth.”

During the Conclave, Shri Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha (SAVM), Gujarat also launched its mobile app, a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and collaboration within the community by leveraging technology.

Sanjeev Agrawal, General Secretary of Shri Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha (SAVM), Gujarat gave a brief presentation about the app. He said that the app enables members to list their businesses, search for jobs, and even explore matchmaking opportunities within the community.

“We are going to add more features to the app to make it even more comprehensive and vibrant,” he said.

The Conclave also featured three engaging panel discussions during which esteemed speakers shared valuable insights and knowledge with the audience.

Speaking during the panel discussion on “The Role of Government in Creating an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Economic Development”, Kamal Bansal, Managing Director of GVFL, highlighted the crucial role of the government in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

He emphasized the government’s support in terms of subsidies and capital, and in creating a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. He also spoke about the importance of technology in today’s business landscape.

In sync with the Shri Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha (SAVM), Gujarat’s commitment to women’s empowerment, there was also a panel discussion on “The Vital Role of Women in Business and Society,”.

Another panel discussion was on the critical topic of “Prioritising Health and Wellness in the Business World.”

Participants also had the opportunity to attend technical sessions on relevant topics such as Securing Business against Potential New-Age Frauds, Branding – An Investment and Not an Expense, and How to Use Digital Marketing & AI to Grow Your Company Faster.

These sessions provided valuable guidance on leveraging technology and implementing effective business strategies in the digital age.

Gaurav Agrawal, Chief Organiser of Shri Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha (SAVM), Gujarat said “The Agrawal Business Conclave was positioned as a platform for dialogue, learning, and collaboration within the business ecosystem.

We are very happy with the response it generated and look forward to more initiatives to empower the community and contribute to the nation’s growth.”

Some of the other distinguished speakers at the Conclave included renowned life coach and motivational speaker Sanjay Raval, CA Uttam Prakash Agrawal (Founder of UPACA), Snehal B Desai, Mahaveer Singhal (Associate Vice President of DDB Mudra), and Amit Khetan (CEO of AfterFirst Media), among others.

Ritesh Hada, Managing Trustee of Karnavati Medical & Educational Trust, Bhupesh Singhal, Chief GM of NABARD, Kamal Mangal, Chairman of Anand Niketan Group of Schools, and Pankaj Goyal, Director of Infinite Civil Solutions also shared their valuable experiences and insights with the participants.

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