Exploring the Vision Behind Forest City: A Sustainable Urban Development

Forest City

Forest City is a planned smart city development located in Malaysia. The project aims to create a sustainable, green city with a focus on technology, innovation, and environmental conservation.

Its lush landscaping and stunning ocean views offer an idyllic lifestyle for those who wish to make it their home.

It has been designed with sustainability in mind and will boast the latest technology and green initiatives so that residents can enjoy a high quality of life.

Despite the potential benefits of Forest City, some have questioned its viability and labeled it as a “ghost town.”

Reasons Lead to the “ghost town” misconception of Forest City

● Foreign media reports exaggerated and distorted the facts, causing a false impression of Forest City. They may have intentionally highlighted negative stories to shape public opinion and misinform the public.

● The pandemic affected the project, leading to a freeze in economic activities and prompting many tenants to stay away from the area temporarily.

● Visitors may have misinterpreted “ghost town” due to seeing the three-dimensional green plants in the buildings.

● The project’s environment has been misconstrued as being unappealing or polluted due to false reports.

However, closer research reveals that this is an exaggeration. The project has been in the development stage since 2013.

While it experienced a slow growth due to the political turmoil and global pandemic, and these rumors arose.

But consistent growth has proved those misconceptions wrong as the project continued its steady progress in recent years, with new residents moving in each month.

Current Situation of Forest City

Forest City is gradually becoming a thriving community, with more and more people moving in each month.

The local government has taken steps to support the project by providing tax breaks and streamlined regulatory processes and offering grants for entrepreneurs looking to shop in the city.

With these initiatives in place, businesses have been able to thrive, and new jobs have been created, helping to drive the local economy.

Additionally, Forest City has seen significant investments from critical industries such as medical services, tourism, leisure, and entertainment, furthering its development.

The Vision Behind Forest City

Forest City is visually distinct from the other developments and townships.

The vision behind Forest City is:

Sustainable and innovative design principles: To create a sustainable and innovative urban living environment that offers residents a high quality of life.

To this end, the developers have sought to incorporate the latest green initiatives and technology into their designs.

This includes solar panels, energy-efficient buildings, and landscaping features such as vertical gardens and water management systems.

Goals for the development: The overarching goal of Forest City is to create a vibrant and dynamic community that is both eco-friendly and economically viable.

This includes providing affordable housing, improving local infrastructure, creating new jobs, and promoting international collaboration.

The developers also aim to make Forest City an attractive investment destination with its modern amenities, urban lifestyle, and lush green spaces.

The impact of Forest City on the environment and local community: Forest City has been designed with environmental responsibility in mind from the start.

Its various green initiatives and energy-efficient buildings have significantly reduced its carbon footprint while contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment for residents and visitors alike.

The project has been a boon for the local economy, with new jobs being created and existing businesses receiving a much-needed boost.

Impact of Forest City on Urban Development

The development of Forest City has been a model for urban living. The project’s focus on:

Sustainable Development: Sustainable and innovative design principles have provided a blueprint for how other cities can achieve economic growth while protecting the environment.

The project has incorporated green initiatives such as solar panels, energy-efficient buildings, and landscaping features such as vertical gardens and water management systems.

These measures have helped reduce the city’s carbon footprint while providing residents with a healthier environment.

Job Creation: With the influx of people to the area, new jobs have been created, allowing people to find gainful employment.

The development of Forest City has provided a platform for businesses to thrive while also helping the economy grow.

Economic Growth: The investments in the city have allowed it to become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs.

The project’s fostering of international collaboration has allowed the city to become a beacon of economic growth in the region.

Forest City is a joint venture between Country Garden Group and the Malaysian government-backed Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd (EDSB).

Country Garden Group

Country Garden Group Company (CGDB) is a leading real estate developer committed to creating modern urban communities that are both livable and sustainable.

CGDB has over 300 projects worldwide, from residential to commercial properties, and its expansive portfolio of hotels and resorts.

The company offers various services, including property management, landscape design, and sales and leasing. CGDB is committed to the environment, using energy-efficient methods and green initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

Forest City– is the perfect example of what Country Garden Group Company is capable of. They have proven that sustainability, innovation, and economic growth can go hand in hand to create a city of the future.

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