Eye Care After Laser Eye Surgery in India

Eye Care

Laser eye surgery is one of the most popular outpatient surgeries used to cure a variety of eye disorders that make it difficult for individuals to see clearly.

It is a quick and minimally invasive treatment to repair refractive vision problems. Also, it is a safe technique with a speedy recovery. After Laser eye surgery in Delhi, you can usually resume normal activities within a day or two.

Laser eye surgery uses a technology that permanently alters your cornea’s shape enabling you a perfect vision; that’s why more and more people are opting for it.

Once the operation is over, your surgeon will give you a post-operative care plan to follow. Understand that eye care after Laser surgery is critical to a speedy recovery and successful surgery as it reduces the risk of side effects.

Following post-operative care religiously speeds up recovery, increases satisfaction, and reduces potential hazards.

Eye Care post laser eye surgery

Laser Eye Surgery uses a specialized laser to create a small flap in the cornea’s outer layer, allowing a second laser to reach and ablate the tissue underneath, changing the cornea’s shape to correct refractive problems. The flap self-heals in a few days without sutures or any medical intervention.

However, you need to take very good care of your eyes after the surgery to receive desired results.

Is Post-Lasik Eye Care a Complicated Procedure?

No, not at all! Post Lasik care is an easy procedure that anyone can follow with determination. For example, you’ll be asked to avoid touching your eyes or doing anything that could infect the wound or dislodge the flap during healing.

Apart from that, you’ll need to use post-LASIK eye medication in a timely fashion to keep dry eye symptoms at bay. You may also be given painkillers for the first several days.

In addition, your surgeon will ask you to visit again within 24 to 48 hours of LASIK surgery. It is to monitor your recovery and eyesight and make sure that there are no complications.

If they find any issue or hazard, accordingly, they may adjust the care plan. Follow-up appointments should be kept for six months after surgery to ensure proper recovery.

What is the Usual LASIK Recovery Time?

Less than 24 hours following Laser surgery are critical to healing. During this period, you should prevent eye strain. Usually, LASIK patients resume normal daily activities within a day or two pos surgery.

However, most surgeons recommend taking a few days off from work to ensure no discomfort and frequent post-LASIK visual abnormalities such as glares and halos around lights.

When you initially open your eyes after surgery, the vision may seem cloudy, and the local anesthetic may wear off, causing itching and burning. This usually passes in a few hours or the next day.

After Laser Eye Surgery, your eyesight can settle in a few days, but the healing process often takes three to six months.

Also, keep in mind that each person’s surgery process is unique. As a result, the healing period and post-treatment strategy also vary from person to person. For best outcomes, it is advised to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

What Are The Issues That You May Experience Post-LASIK Surgery?

Of course, like any other treatment, it takes time for people to recover from Laser surgery as well. For example: For some people, LASIK can cause visual disturbances such as poor night vision, glares and halos around lights, and double vision, which usually lasts a few days to a few weeks.

Then there are those who get dry eyes symptoms that can last up to six months. Aside from that, infections or issues with the flap healing might occur if the eyes are not adequately cared for after Laser surgery.

That is why it is recommended to take care of your eyes during the healing period. It reduces the risks and problems that might occur Post-LASIK.

8 Best Aftercare Tips

Your doctor will propose a recovery regimen that will promote rapid healing and improved vision results. Following the post-operative guidelines can minimize the surgery risks. Here are some of the best tips to follow after Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi.

1. Avoid eye-straining activities

During the first 24 hours after the Laser eye surgery, you should rest your eyes and do nothing. Avoid activities that may strain newly operated eyes, such as:

  • Watching TV
  • Working on computer or Desktop
  • Using smartphones or tablets
  • Playing video games
  • Reading books, journals, newspapers, and so on

2. Protect your eyes from UV rays and harsh lights

Eyes are extremely sensitive to light for a few days after surgery. Hence, it is imperative to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and harsh indoor lights.

If possible, avoid going out during the daytime, especially when the sun rays are at peak solar. And if it is absolutely necessary to go outside, wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses to avoid harmful UV rays reaching your eyes.

3. Avoid using eye makeup

Undoubtedly, eye makeup makes women look beautiful; however, it is advised to avoid eye makeup for a few days after the surgery. Doing so will eliminate any chance of infection that may occur post-LASIK surgery.

4. Avoid using harsh shampoos and face washes

After the LASIK treatment, your eyes are sensitive. Any chemical-based products, such as shampoos, face washes, etc., can deteriorate your eyes and hamper the healing process. Hence, it is critical to avoid using harsh shampoos and face washes.

You should avoid shampooing your hair immediately after the LASIK. Also, avoid spas, whirlpools, hot tubs, saunas, and pools for a few weeks after LASIK.

5. Use your eye drops and medications

LASIK procedure causes redness, pain, a burning sensation, blurry vision, and the sensation of a foreign object in your eyes.

These are mild side effects that go away in a few hours if you use prescribed eye drops and medication.

Aside from that, Dry Eye Syndrome is also a very common LASIK side effect that can last for weeks or months.

Your surgeon will prescribe artificial tears or eye drops for dry eye syndrome that you should use religiously to avoid severity.

6. Avoid smoke, dust, and pollution.

Smoke and dust can deteriorate and impede your recovery by causing eye dryness, irritation, and discomfort. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid dust, smoke, and any other kind of pollution as much as possible.

7. Avoid strenuous exercises and sports.

It may seem a tad bit difficult for sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks, but it is crucial to follow this advice.

You should not indulge in extensive exercises and sports for at least fifteen days after the LASIK. It is because exercises and sports can strain your eyes, thereby hampering the flap healing.

8. Meet your eye specialist.

Lastly, meet your eye specialist. Preventive care is critical for avoiding post-operative complications. A skilled specialist may easily identify any issue and create a solution. Hence, make sure to meet your eye specialist as soon as you see any problem in your newly treated eyes.

Also, visit your surgeon on the scheduled appointments after the LASIK surgery to avoid any negative repercussions.

The Bottom Line…

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So, there you have it: the 8 best post-LASIK eye care tips that you must follow for optimal results. Following your surgeon’s aftercare instructions will increase your healing and visual success.