Facebook Ad Campaigns: Our Top Tips

Facebook Ad Campaigns: Our Top Tips

Have you created a Facebook Ad campaign that isn’t performing how you’d hope? Amore Digital are a Facebook Ads Agency in Liverpool who have kindly provided a range of top tips to help you create FB campaigns that will deliver results.

Strong CTAs

When creating an ad campaign, you want to ensure your call-to-action is powerful. This will allow you to track who is coming from your ad and entice people to your landing page. Ensure to use buzzwords like ‘Book Now’ or ‘Learn More’ as this will provide a clear way for your audience to click onto your site.

Use the Carousel format to showcase products

If you have an e-commerce business, the carousel format is the perfect way to highlight a range of different products to your customer.

It is recommended to highlight products that are related to each other as if you are telling a story as this is known to be more engaging.

It is also a great opportunity to provide a link to each product and will be much more specific. A DPA campaign is often one of the most profitable campaign types and is super effective when paired with remarketing.

Use the correct image or video ratio when uploading

Ratios are very important when uploading to Facebook, if not uploaded in the correct format, this can make your company look unprofessional and not abide by Facebook’s algorithm.

The recommended sizes are below:

  • Feed placement: images are 1:1 and vertical videos are 4:5
  • Stories and Reel placement: 9:16
  • Video carousel: 1:1
  • In-stream video: 16:9
  • Meta Audience Network: 9:16
  • Instagram Shop: 1:1

Ensure your ad is mobile optimised

When creating ads, it is important to consider the screen that people will be viewing it from. People mostly use Facebook on their smartphone which could indicate they are viewing from a smaller screen.

It is important to take this into consideration when creating the ad copy as an ad that isn’t well structured could put off a potential customer.

Create ad copy that is eye-catching

Ad copy allows the audience to learn more about what you organisation offers. It is important to keep this clear and concise.

When writing your ad copy, ensure you speak in a tone that is uniform to your brand but also resonating with the customer.

The use of emojis and lists can break up the text and allow for better digestion for the audience. It is also important to choose a landing page that is reflective of your business and the message you are trying to put across. Ensure your ad copy and landing page link.

Select the correct objective for your campaign

When setting up your campaign, it is important to choose an objective that is reflective of what you are trying to achieve.

It is common for organisations to just choose conversions as the goal, but it is important to take the other goals into consideration and think about what you are trying to achieve.

Ensure to choose an audience that fits your business

Similar to the objectives, the audience that you set to your campaign must reflect your target audience.

Facebook ads allows you to create 3 types of audiences:

  • Core audiences – based on age, interests, marital status
  • Lookalike audiences – based off core audience, looking for people similar
  • Custom audiences – this can be set up based off data from your core audience

If this is one of your first ad campaigns, you may only be able to use the first two, however, over time, Facebook Ads will get to know your audience and who you engage with, which will provide reliable data for you to take your audience further.

Use images and video that resonates with your audience

It is important to understand what type of media connects with your audience. Ensure to use imagery that is reflective of your audience as this will allow your audience to feel the ad is for them and feel more drawn to your ad.

It is also important to consider using video. Movement tends to catch the audience’s eye the most and when scrolling, you tend to stop if you see something moving.

Therefore, it is recommended that organisations consider using high-resolution video content within their ads.

Test & regularly update

Once you have created your campaigns and ads, it is important you test these, whether it be with multiple audience types, different ad copy or different goals. This is so you get the best results and understand what works for your audience type.

Once you have found an ad, copy and audience that works for you, it is important to update this regularly and take advantage of remarketing campaigns. This will allow you to resonate with your customer further.

Facebook ads are a great advertising tool that businesses should consider implementing into their marketing campaigns.

Need assistance on Facebook Ads? Amore Digital are a digital marketing agency who can help you setup and run campaigns that are optimised around your ROI or CPA goals.

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