Facebook Name Change On Thursday – The Meaning Of Meta

Facebook name change

Facebook name change and redefining its business model is the talk of the internet world right now.

The new focus will be on the idea of “metaverse.” The founder, Mr. Zuckerberg and other leading officials of Facebook have completed this rebranding at a connect event on Thursday, 28th October 2021.

However, despite a myriad of scrutiny, the CEO’s vision seems to be pretty clear. He is looking forward to focusing more on the metaverse by combining AR and VR technologies in a new sphere.

In this article, we will explore the meaning “Meta” along with much more exciting facts about the Facebook name change.

Why Has Rebranding Has Happened To Facebook?

Although there are many discussions going on behind the curtains, I will keep things pretty simple here. There are two perceptions active in the market about the Facebook name change.

Firstly, as said by Mr. In interviews and press releases, he wants to connect people, find communities and expand businesses in a new world of Metaverse.

The way he has set expectations, Facebook, a.k.a meta, would change the outlook of social media networking in the near future.

Starting from online shopping to gaming, work, education, online trip, fitness, etc, people would experience metaverse over the coming decade.

Secondly, Facebook has been under sharp scrutinization for a considerable time due to several events.

Needless to say, these have affected the brand image of the company to a great extent. So this Facebook name change might be an easy way for the founder to cover up those complexities and settle their PR activities.   

Why “Meta?”

This is a very interesting question – “Why Meta?” People all over the world have been flooding Facebook with this question.

Facebook changing the name to Meta is on-trend but what’s more important is finding the reason behind this name.

So, there are already a series of viewpoints in the market about it but I am narrating Mr. Zuckerbeg’s vision here.

The social networking world is slowly moving towards Metaverse. Basically, it’s a world of interconnected, endless communities.

The best thing about it is people can do activities using AR apps, smartphone apps, and VR headsets.

Hence to solidify the new business model, and begin a “new chapter” of the business, the name “Meta” is chosen.     

The Criticism

The Facebook name change is under the limelight today. But do you know where this Facebook announcement began? To be very honest, its origin is quite complex. Let me give you a short glimpse of it….

Wall Street Journal in the month of September published The Facebook Files. These were a series of reports on the basis of leaked documents done by Frances Haugen, a former staff member.

So one section of critics is saying that Facebook name change is just an excuse to cover those exposed shreds of evidence.

Already, there have been several allegations on Facebook among which body shaming, data privacy, trading maids in the Middle East, fueling political rivalry were breathtaking.

It’s a viewpoint of many think tanks that, to restore its brand image after a plethora of PR incubus. 

However, upon interviewing the CEO, it is possible to know that the company is aiming to strengthen its future on VR technology and a new computing platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is the Recent Facebook Announcement?

Mark Zuckerberg had recently announced his Facebook name change plan. Little did people know that the name will be “Meta.”

On 28th October 2021, at a connect of the company, the company rebranded itself into the name “Meta.”

According to the statements of Mark Zuckerberg, the main cause of this Facebook name change is the concept of “Metaverse.”  They are going to align Metaverse in their business model.

Q2. Why Facebook Change Name Meta?

Mark Zuckerberg did not initiate Facebook name change just randomly. There is a solid reason behind this.

As per his comments, he wants Facebook to shed more light on Metaverse and strengthen the roots along with it.

Being the new destiny of the social networking world, Zuckerberg visualizes a strong future in it. These ideas have made him rebrand the name of the company “Meta.”

Q3.  When Did Facebook Become Meta?

The Facebook name change is on hype today. After a series of planning over the last few months, on 28th October 2021, Thursday, Facebook got a new name called “Meta.”

The Verdict

Amidst the heap of criticisms, scrutiny, and negative images, Facebook continues to carry its legacy. This new name is holding a bunch of new potentials of Facebook in the upcoming days.

However, this Facebook announcement will not have any impact on their data privacy as well as corporate structure. Let’s see, what’s their destiny after Facebook changing the name!

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