Factors To Consider When Buying Wooden Beds And Queen-Size Beds

Wooden Beds

If you want your bedroom to be a comfortable and inviting sleep haven, choosing the best bed is vital. When you buy wooden beds, they are a classy choice as they provide a timeless appeal while being durable and lasting a lifetime.

No wonder it is one of the most popular choice of bed material for most homeowners. Wooden furniture, in addition to being durable, enhances the aesthetics of a room as it adds warmth and coziness. It is ideal for those who have back pain or other joint and bone issues. 

The wooden bed that you buy when it is placed in your bedroom is not only a piece of furniture to rest and rejuvenate after a long day but is also a statement piece of furniture in your bedroom that elevates your style and comfort.

But for that to happen while getting restful sleep, you should buy a wooden bed with no compromise of functionality, quality or style. How do you do that? By taking into consideration the below factors:

Factors To Consider When Buying Wooden Beds

Measure the Space

Before you do anything else, the foremost thing to do is to determine the available space in the room for the bed. For instance, you can buy wooden cots online for a small room, then you should reconsider it and choose something that suits the space of the room.

A king-size bed takes up more space in the room and makes it look overwhelming. However, most urban homes have master bedrooms that can accommodate a queen-sized bed. If it is for your kid’s room, then you can choose double beds or a bunker bed. They take up less space and make the kids happy.

Wood Types

Several types of wood are excellent choices for making beds, but solid wood is considered the best as it is more durable, long-lasting, has a natural beauty, has ease in carving design, and stability.

While solid wood is a popular choice, there are several types of solid wood too and among them, Sheesham wood is highly popular for its rich grain and colour, durability, strength, and density which makes it robust for making bed frames, workability allowing for intricate carving and design and natural resistance to termites, moisture, etc.

Plus the unique grain, colour and natural lustre provide an aesthetic appeal making it a great choice for beds. Additionally, Sheesham wood is widely available and sourcing quality wood is that much easier. But ensure that you buy Sheesham wood beds from reputed brands to get the most benefits of this wood. 

If you are on a tight budget and yet want something sturdy and durable, you can opt for engineered wood beds. These beds offer customizable finishes with laminates or veneer and come in many colours, textures and patterns.

They are easy to work with and hence they come in many complex designs and are resistant to moisture and germs, making them a budget-friendly option.

Wooden Bed Designs

  • Traditional bed designs: These are beds that have a classic design with ornate designs and intricate carvings. These are ideal for traditional or classic-style bedrooms.
  • Contemporary bed designs: These are modern beds with a minimalistic design and clean lines. These are ideal for urban or modern decor styles.
  • Platform bed designs: These are beds that are sleek and simple and have a low profile. They have a solid platform and provide great support to the mattress without a box spring.
  • Poster bed designs: These are beds with posters or vertical columns at every corner of the bed. These can be designed elaborately or with a simple design based on the style of the bed.
  • Storage bed designs: These are beds that come with built-in storage in the form of drawers or storage compartments below the mattress. These are a practical type of bed that optimizes space in a small bedroom.
  • Bunk Beds: These are another space-saving option and are ideal for a kid’s bedroom. They have bed frames stacked on each other and can be of the same size or one frame bigger than the other.
  • Day beds: These are multipurpose beds that act as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. They come with a backrest for lounging and are great for small apartments.

Blends With Room Décor

When you are purchasing a queen size bed online choose something that matches the room’s interiors. It should complement the other furniture and decor like the curtain, carpet and walls. After you purchase a bed, select bedsheets and other bedding that complements the bed. They should be compatible and bring the room together to get the overall look right. 


It is always a good idea to know the budget you can afford as it is never great to make a dent in your wallet. Whether you buy queen size beds or a smaller one choose something that suits your preferences within your budget.

But one thing to remember is to never compromise on quality as spending a little extra helps in the long run as there is no need for frequent replacements. Having said that, there are many options available that suit every budget provided you search well.

When you plan to buy a bed, consider the above factors and always check if it supports your mattress so that both the bed and the mattress complement perfectly.

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