Factors which influence the selection of gravity roller conveyor

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Digitization has led to the wave of automation in every industry and specifically, the tasks related to transportation of goods are becoming efficient as its direct effect.

In the context of roller conveyors, it will not be wrong to say that manual work which took hours to complete is being completed within a shorter frame of time just because of the utilization of advanced equipment of conveying.

These machines are designed to operate as per the industry norms leaving no scope of errors while moving boxes, cartons or any other packaged stuff from one place to another.

Particularly, when it comes to investing on gravity roller conveyor, the equipment which utilizes the gravitational force greatly to transport articles, one has to understand its mechanism properly. 

Here’s a quick guide which will address various aspects of the gravity conveyor so that, it becomes simplified:

What is a gravity conveyor roller used for? 

This unpowered conveyor system is effective in transporting goods with adequate weight without any hassle or interruption too.

Besides, this equipment does not involve the additional force to move articles as the gravitational force serves the purpose, generally on inclined platforms.

On the other hand, there is another gravity roller conveyor which has been resourceful due to its fabricated framework.

It is beneficial in helping the load get transported under gravity. This roller conveyor has tubular rollers with free rotational structure which makes the material handling tasks simpler as well as better. 

These conveyors are capable of executing light to medium weight application of moving products properly.

In case, the organization does not have any predefined timings or schedule to convey articles, then, the gravity conveyors act as the perfect equipment to deliver the perfect outcome.

These roller conveyors are often constructed by using materials such as plastic, aluminium and steel to offer long-lasting performance.

Apart from this, these conveyors can also be purchased along with accessories including slide rails, supports, hanging brackets, curves and pop up stands to optimally use the equipment for material handling.

Traits of an effective gravity conveyor system

It is always ideal to conduct an in-depth research related to the conveyor system before purchasing.

This investment is one-time, but its effective use can give an organization long-term benefits. Some of the common traits of the best gravity roller conveyor are: 

  • High durability 
  • High frequency and balanced movement
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Technologically advanced mechanism 
  • Easy to install and maintain 
  • Perfectly designed and should be customized as per client specifications 
  • Long service life 
  • Enhanced operational performance 
  • Power-efficient
  • Operator friendly drive

Advantages of gravity conveyors

Even though all the roller conveyors are intended at simplifying the business operations of the organization, but, each equipment is characterized by its unique benefits.

On the basis of these advantages, the mechanical work of material handling can be streamlined with utmost ease while keeping out any manual errors which have a tendency to affect productivity. Here are some of the merits of gravity roller conveyor:

  • Minimal investment: No additional expensive motors are required, when the gravity conveyor system is being used. Hence, these conveyors demand minimal investment.
  • Low maintenance: Debris or any other interrupting materials get collected by these conveyors further preventing hang-ups, thus, one does not have to be worried about their maintenance. 
  • Flexible: Due to their flexibility, these conveyors are used for a wide range of applications.
  • Versatile: The gravity conveyors can be customized according to the material handling with varied requisites in terms of width, length and height of roller to cope up with the client’s business objectives.
  • All galvanized: This conveyor system is food safe, clean and can be effectively used for heavy duty applications.

How to select the best gravity roller conveyor? 

The business owners who have to regularly manage material handling tasks cannot take the purchase of gravity roller conveyors for granted.

On the contrary, they need to be cautious about the features of gravity conveyors so that the transportation of goods is easily executed without any scope of error.

Secondly, finding the reliable and reputed manufacturers of roller conveyor should be preferred rather than settling with any available options.

Interacting with the service provider as a part of initial discussion is the best step to get a quick overview of the gravity roller conveyor system.

The best conveyor manufacturer will offer you the practical advice depending on your business requirements and make your material handling work efficient. 

He will prioritize your convenience rather than imposing the new series of gravity conveyor system to choose from.

Most of all, the experienced service providers are qualified as well as highly trained so that if they need to show a demo of the conveyor, the same can be done without any hindrance.

The whole idea of selecting the conveyor system which primarily uses gravitational force for moving products from one place to another must be durable and have high capacity to handle material handling tasks consistently.


On the basis of the above discussion, it can be stated that gravity roller conveyors should be finalized after understanding its utility for business operations.

In case, there are any apprehensions or questions related to the available conveyors and their relevance, then, the consumers should definitely get the same clarified.

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The information gathered from the conveyor supplier or manufacturer will help the users in buying the right equipment. Lastly, it is always ideal to get the conveyor system tested in advance to stay assured about their effective utility.