Faisal Khan: Animeta creator, Founder of MotorBeam and FK-R

Faisal Khan

Interview with Faisal Khan, Animeta creator, Founder of MotorBeam and FK-R

Mr. Faisal Khan is a prominent figure in the world of automotive journalism and content creation. He is widely recognized as the founder of MotorBeam, a popular online automotive portal, as well as the creator of Animeta, an animated automotive content channel on YouTube.

Additionally, Mr. Khan is the visionary behind FK-R, a venture that focuses on automotive customization and performance enhancements.

Recognizing the desire for personalized automotive experiences, Mr. Faisal Khan established FK-R, a venture that specializes in automotive customization and performance enhancements.

FK-R offers a range of services, including engine modifications, suspension upgrades, body kits, and aesthetic enhancements.

Mr. Khan’s expertise and attention to detail have earned FK-R a reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Can you tell us about your journey as the founder of Motorbeam and FK-R? What inspired you to start creating content around cars and bikes?

Faisal Khan: I have always been passionate about automobiles since childhood. When I was in school, I used to save my pocket money to buy magazines.

Fast forward to getting on the internet, I started writing blogs about automobiles and then one thing led to another and here I am.

You have built a loyal following of over 2 million subscribers across your channels. What do you think sets your content apart and makes it resonate with viewers?

Faisal Khan: I think relatability has been crucial for me to resonate with viewers, along with creating content on all types of vehicles.

How will a brand like Animeta help you and fill the gaps for creators?

Faisal Khan: Being multilingual is crucial in today’s world and Animeta will help me reach a wider audience with the same.

How do you approach creating engaging and informative content about vehicles? What factors do you consider when deciding which cars or bikes to feature in your videos?

Faisal Khan: Like I said before, it’s all about relatability and passion for me. I make content on all types of vehicles and irrespective of the size and cost of the vehicle, the focus is to have the same level of passion and enthusiasm for the vehicle.

Auto-related videos are incredibly popular on YouTube. How do you think your content is helping to revolutionize the car buying experience for consumers?

Faisal Khan: Today’s car buyer is getting a virtual test drive through my videos, helping them make a more informed decision.

Videos are more engaging, fun and relatable, besides it helps consumers understand and shortlist their vehicle of choice before heading to the dealership to take a test drive or book a vehicle.

As an automobile creator, what challenges have you faced in your journey? How have you overcome those challenges?

Faisal Khan: Time is the biggest challenge as I have to travel across the globe to make content on cars, the only way to overcome it is to be more efficient with work (I edit videos on long flights these days to save time).

What impact do you believe your content is having on consumers? How are you helping them make informed decisions about the cars and bikes they purchase?

Faisal Khan: I think my content is making a huge impact not just for mass market cars but even for luxury and sport cars.

While many are able to make an informed decision after seeing my content, some also get in touch with me for personal advice.

With the rapid advancements in technology and the rise of electric vehicles, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry?

Faisal Khan: Extensive research on new technologies, meeting industry experts and engaging with automobile brands helps to stay up to date with the latest trends.

While EVs are new and have new technology, they are much easier to create content on as the electric motor and battery are commodities!

What advice would you give to aspiring auto vloggers or content creators who want to make a mark in the automotive industry?

Faisal Khan: I would advise them to stay true to themselves and have their own unique style of presenting, rather than getting influenced by popular content creators and copying them.

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