Fashion Entrepreneur Fund Hosted a Gala Pride Night Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity in Fashion

Raj Sarthak Nigam and Samant Chauhan

NEW DELHI:  Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), India’s first venture studio for the fashion space along with FEF India Fashion Awards hosted a Pride Night at Dear Donna, Qutub Hotel, New Delhi recently. A celebration of diversity and equality, the occasion was attended by luminaries from the fashion industry and many distinguished guests. 

Mr. Sanjay Nigam, Founder, Fashion Entrepreneur Fund and the man behind this progressive gathering said, “At FEF we support the ethos of inclusive fashion, where self- expression knows no bounds. Our Pride Night celebration was a testimony of progressiveness, creativity and diversity; everything that we stand for”.

The Pride Night celebration began with a glamorous Pride Carpet, followed by a grand party that brought together a stellar array of fashion luminaries, including top designers, models, and industry leaders.

Notable attendees included Indian Designers Samant Chauhan & Jenjum Gadi, Entrepreneur Raj Sarthak Nigam, Stylists Sommy Eric & Daniel Franklin, Models Parth Dutta, Aishwarya Singh, & Zander Lamba, along with Influencers Sonam C. Chhabra & Puneet, among others.

This was a significant experience that celebrated empowerment and the spirit of togetherness, bringing together leading names from the fashion industry in a show of unity and support. By hosting the Pride Night, FEF demonstrated its continued commitment to the fashion fraternity, having successfully built a dynamic ecosystem that fosters new talents, mentorship, and networking in the fashion entrepreneurship space.

About the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF):

Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), a groundbreaking initiative, fosters a collaborative ecosystem within the fashion industry. FEF is investing an initial amount of ₹20 crore to empower individuals in the fashion sector, helping turn their aspirations into thriving enterprises.

This pioneering venture aims to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship, providing essential resources and mentorship to budding talents. By bridging gaps and offering support, FEF propels the growth and success of emerging businesses, enriching the fabric of the fashion landscape.

With its robust foundation and visionary approach, FEF sets the stage for transformative change and sustainable growth in the industry.

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