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Financial Affirmations

Financial Affirmations to Create Financial Freedom: Affirmation for money

Hey! Do you believe in magic? Affirmation is positive thinking that converts your dreams magically into reality. Yes! It’s true.

Affirmation is a positive group of words that we have to remind with positivity. Affirmation works with universal law that governs your whole life. 

According to the law of attraction, which governs all the energy in our universe. From the formation of an atom to the movement of the planets. 

‘Like attracts like. Because they give energy, whatever you think, and feel, that attracts you. Don’t go for negative thoughts. If you are facing such type of situation. Still think positive. Do affirmation.

Don’t think like you don’t like your job, or you don’t have enough money, you don’t have a good family or you are a failure. Don’t go for such negative thoughts. Your negative thoughts attract more negativity, according to the law of attraction.

For affirmation or to create a positive attitude, and have to say that, I am happy, I have the best family, My wife loves me a lot, I am doing the job that I want to, I am earning lots of money. By the positive affirmation, you will feel gratitude. 

What law of attraction says? It says that you will attract all the things that you are thinking about. It all depends upon you, I should be negative or positive, it all depends upon you and your mind.

It’s like! A magnet attracts all the things that are made up of iron. So, you are the magnet. Now you may understand what affirmation is?

Ok! Let’s talk about how to make up your mind before you start affirmation?

Before we start affirmation on money. I want to clear few questions that are in your mind. Let first clear up your mind, like- what is your financial situation? In what business you want to be stable? What is your financial goal?

When all the questions are clear, then you can start affirmation. Because your mind will be clear of all doubts. You can’t do affirmation in a doubting mind, or we can say, In doubted mind affirmation will not work.

Ok! Before we start, let me clear what money or financial affirmation is?

By the law of attraction, you can “magnetically attracts money”, by creating wealth abundance. Feeling of gratitude that you have the money power, that you always wanted to be.

Financial affirmation definition

Money affirmation is a daily practice of feeling an abundance of money. This is a type of mantra, that you have to repeat in your mind and visualize the lifestyle that you always want to be. You have to focus on, the money that is taken and utilized by you. 

In financial affirmation, you have to improve your relationship with money. And have to affirm in mind that more opportunities for money are coming your way and you are enjoying those situations.

Remind continuously the individual power and desire for money. Feel stress-free life and imagine financial freedom!

Why Affirmations about money matters

The user has to remind his daily desire for money, the feeling and thought that comes in the mind for money can be completed by the affirmation. You can achieve easily whatever you focus on in life.

By money affirmation, you can disappear the negative though and get positivity towards the money. 

By thinking positive and feeling gratitude, you can easily come near to your goal. Make a habit of affirmation daily and always keep in my that you are going to achieve money and can fulfil your desire, the more you engage towards your desire the faster you receive the goal.

List of money affirmation

There are so many, money affirmations that you can focus on. You have to check what you want and do affirmation on that.

Ok, let’s check out some affirmations that you can do…

  1. I have lots of money. That I can buy anything that I want.
  2. I have limitless money. That I can spend many things.
  3. I am worthy of a wealthy life.
  4. Take risks and affirmative.
  5. I believe in money affirmation when done by all gratitude.
  6. I have wealth
  7. My money gives me power

What should you do with your financial affirmation?

Money affirmation makes you strong and gives you the power to handle all your drops. You can use upper giver affirmation but these are not the only ones that you can do.

Make your affirmation and keep it in your mind. Daily affirmation will give you positive vibes that will help to take you out from all your odds.

Select an affirmation that suits you.

  • write down your affirmation in a notebook daily. There are many techniques of writing the manifestation.
  1. Write in 3,6,9 technique- In this technique, you have to write your affirmation in the morning 3 times and the afternoon 6 times and in the evening 9 times.
  2. Remember when you are writing affirmation your whole mind should be at that point only. 
  3. One more technique is there that is 55*5. In this technique, you have to write affirmation 55 times and that’s to 5 days.
  4. At the time of affirmation, your mind should be completely in the affirmation and you have to think positive at that time and have to imagine the best of money.
  • In this affirmation, you have to write down on a plane page and stick it, where you can see it easily and be Infront of your eyes. So that you will not forget what your affirmation is.
  • visualize and repeat the phrases, and keep practising the whole day.
  • Complete your work by rewarding yourself. Praise yourself that how easily you are earning money.
  • Save your voice on mobile and listen to your affirmation for 21 days. This is also a smart technique, that you can do.

Once again, I want to remind you, while doing these techniques, you have to sit alone with no disturbance. You have to concentrate on this. And have to think positive and keep repeating in mind about the money you are getting from and how beautifully you are enjoying the money.

How many Money affirmations should I have?

Many times, we don’t have one money affirmation, So. It’s ok if you have many affirmations. Just do one thing create a new big affirmation that holds your desires. 

You can also make it a little bit. The main purpose of your money affirmation is to make your dreams come true.

Work on your affirmation, in which you are passionate about, at let the universe, complete your positive thought.

How Financial Affirmation helped me

I want to tell you about my first affirmation on money that I done in 2016. That was related to my good job, money, debt, credit card.

It was very hard to come out of that. I thought can I ever come up with this. I was a little bit depressed.

You won’t believe by the money affirmation that I was doing, slowly I came up by all this dept and I am doing my business well. Slowly I am building my wealth and reached a secure state. 

Slowly my affirmation gives me a result and I am highly grateful.

How’d I done it?

Yes, I want to share, that how I overcome this situation. I was so much depressed with my financial situation. That I always thinking about, how can I deal all my life in this situation?

Then one of my friends gave me a book of affirmation. From there, I saw that how positive thought can work.

I also saw many videos on Youtube related to manifestation. There I saw how I can do affirmation?

My first affirmation I start with writing. I started writing with the 55*5 technique. That was an awesome experience. I closed the door for 20 minutes and concentrate fully on what life I want to be.

As we all know that results didn’t come at once. It takes time. Every work we start, to finish! it takes time.

My experience was outstanding. Slowly but I am reaching my goal and I also helped and boost many people to do affirmation, so that their life comes on track.

How to use positive affirmations in Your Life?

It’s not tough! Make a positive affirmation related to money or what you want in life. That you have to repeat it regularly in your mind with positive thinking.

How to write an affirmation for the day?

You don’t have to do much. Just write a line that you want for your life. Like. I want to live a life full of money.

I want my dream job or I want my married life full of happiness (put the name in between which job you want or the name of the person you want to be with). Just remember or write this affirmation. When you get time in a day you can do it.

How can affirmations help you Change Your World?

If I tell you about my affirmation power. Yes, it’s changed my world. With gratitude, and affirmation power I gained what I want. It changed my world and my thinking towards life. Now I am a positive person, full of liveliness.

Is it true that affirmations do not work for everyone?

No, it’s not true. Affirmation works for everyone. It all depends on how powerfully you do.

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