Fire Safety Assessment – Fire risk assessments

Fire Safety Assessment

Too many have become complacent when it comes to workplace fire safety. A fire risk assessment is required to verify the many factors at work that can cause a fire.

There are many resisting factors also, such as fire extinguishers, fire doors and fire alarms . If these items are overlooked or poorly controlled without proper training and planning, disaster could strike. 

Remaining fire proof is a priority.

These vital controls ensure that the building remains fire-proof – as safe as possible, which helps to protect lives and livelihoods. If there is a review that needs to take place – for example, to ensure that the extinguisher or the fire door is working properly – make sure it is timed, carried out and fully documented. This review can only take place if it is carried out in accordance with competent standards, and only if it takes place. 

What is a Fire Risk Assessment? 

If you would like to discuss specific requirements for your building, you can request a tailored service. We will bring a competent and qualified fire expert to your premises to assist you and had the pleasure to learn that our own internal team has verified the risk assessment for quality assurance 100% through peer audits. 

If you need a fire risk assessment, the first thing your assessor will do is discuss and decide who is responsible for general fire safety.

If you decide to hire someone to carry out a fire and safety risk assessment, you can arrange for the appointment of a qualified person you consider suitable to carry out your risk assessment. 

However, if you are the person responsible and do not have the skills or experience required to carry out a fire risk assessment yourself, you must appoint a competent person to carry out the fire risk assessment on your behalf. 

Appointing a dedicated fire marshall.

This staff is a fire master or marshal who helps with fires and prevents them. By writing down your fire risk assessment, you will see what you need to do to prevent fires and ensure people’s safety.

Use a crayon and photograph your house, building or other building with fire hazards such as windows, doors, sills, walls, ceilings, etc. 

This is a simplified overview; in particular for larger and more complex installations, more information is needed to complete a fire safety assessment. How often should you carry out your fire risk assessment and how often should a review be carried out before it is carried out? 

What are the fire assessment laws?

There is no law that determines the number of fire risks in a building or the duration between fire events, although regular fire and risk assessments are recommended to ensure that fire and safety protocols are kept up to date. 

Any company that decides not to take appropriate fire safety measures is acting illegally and therefore compliance with the rules is mandatory. 

What happens if I don’t complete a fire risk assessment?

If you find that your building does not have a valid fire risk assessment, you should request one as soon as possible. If you do not have the expertise to carry out a fire risk assessment, you can hire a specialist to do so.

The responsible person (also known as the person in charge of your company) must regularly carry out and inspect fire and risk assessments of your premises and have the authority to carry them out. 

However, if you wish to hire a fire protection specialist, it can be difficult to assess the qualifications of the person who advertises their service or the company it advertises for. 

Does a fire risk assessment officer need to be qualified?

Without the right training and practical experience from fire training, employees do not know what to do when the workplace burns. Only a handful are implementing realistic fire safety measures, and even fewer are conducting training to fully utilize workers in the event of a fire. 

Carrying out a fire risk assessment will determine what your workplace needs to do to prevent fires and ensure people’s safety. A fire risk assessment helps you to identify the fire risk and what the workplace needs to do to prevent and keep people safe. 

What additional precautions need to be taken?

However, this means that those carrying out a fire risk assessment must be able to assess the building or the site against the various factors mentioned above.

If sufficient fire safety precautions cannot be taken, additional fire safety precautions may have to be taken and this should be considered with the help of a competent person. 

Training is crucial, and if none of the staff are aware of their role and responsibility under an ideal fire safety plan, there is no point in creating it. 

In England and Wales, the person responsible for complying with fire safety orders and carrying out a fire risk assessment is designated as the person responsible.

If you are responsible for assessing fire risks, you must receive a Fire Risk Assessment Report (FRS) from the Office of the Chief Fire Officer (OCA).

About the Author: Prior to becoming an online article writer for Technical Writers, Cooper took the opportunity to explore the digital world with a range of academic and health and safety training courses.

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