Fired Indian techies struggling to find jobs in US before visa Expire

Indian techies

Indian Techies Who Were Laid Off During The Latest Wave Of Job Cuts In The IT Industry Are Now Desperately Trying To Extend Their Fired Indian Techies Struggling To Find Jobs In US Before Visas Expire

January 2023: Indian techies who were laid off during the latest wave of job cuts in the IT industry are now desperately trying to extend their stay in the US on work visas that are about to expire if they do not find new employment by a tight deadline.

Indian IT professionals who were hit by the recent hiring spree in the US are now scrambling for options to stay in the country before their visas expire.

Reports say that around 200,000 IT workers have been laid off since November last year. The Washington Post reports that according to some industry insiders, 30% to 40% of those are Indians who are in the country on H1B and L1 visas. This is a non-immigrant visa that allows workers to stay in the US for a specified period of time.

Most workers have a few months to find alternative occupations under their overseas work visa. People living in the US on H1B visa will have to find a new job within 60 days or else they will have to pack their bags and return to India.

Dismissed H-1B holders are required to find an H-1B sponsoring job within 60 days or 10 days after the status is terminated.

US Countries like India and China employ thousands of workers on H1B visas that allow foreign workers with specialized knowledge and technical skills to stay in the country temporarily.

L-1A and L-1B visas are available for temporary intracompany transfers to those who work in managerial positions or have specialized knowledge.

According to a PTI report, the aggrieved workers have formed various WhatsApp groups to find solutions to their problems.

The agency reported that one WhatsApp group has 800 participants who are passing blank spots among themselves in a desperate bid to hold on to the chance to stay in the US.

Some immigration attorneys have volunteered their services to advise these laid off workers on visa options to extend their stay.

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