Five dairy alternatives you should have switched to way before now

Dairy Alternatives Market

The adoption of dairy alternatives is increasing day by day and there are varieties of reasons that have basis of personal, environmental, and cultural factors.

For maintaining healthy lifestyle, losing and management of weight, and prevention of specific health condition, many people opted for vegan diets and included dairy alternatives in their daily consumption quota.

People are also getting more aware about the environmental effects of dairy products and shifting their preferences.

Many cultures already have the inclusion of many dairy alternatives in their daily diets. In addition, manufacturers have been adding new flavors to attract new customers.

The demand for dairy alternatives will increase in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global daily alternatives market is estimated to generate $55.45 billion by 2031. Following are some of the alternatives for dairy products that you consume daily.

1. Almond milk

The prominence of almonds led to high adoption of almond milk across the world. It contains lower amount of fats as compared to animal milk.

Moreover, it provides a mild flavor, which adds to its popularity. People looking for controlling or losing weight should choose the alternative that does not contain sweeteners.

This type of milk is rich in minerals and vitamins. It is a great source of vitamin E. It is preferred by people who are lactose-intolerant and opted vegan diet.

Many producers enrich the almond milk with different nutrients such as calcium. Thus, it becomes a suitable option for increasing bone strength.

2. Soy milk

This is one of the most popular dairy alternatives today. It offers similar taste, appearance, and nutritional value as that of animal milk.

However, it contains high protein content and less fat content. It provides nearly the same amount of protein as compared to animal milk.

People looking for weight loss or management prefer soy milk over other types of animal milk as it lowers the amount of fat and provides nearly same amount of proteins.

Moreover, it is a great source of amino acids and potassium. Manufacturers offer this milk in sweetened and unsweetened flavors.

This milk is also beneficial for people dealing with acne. It lowers down hyperpigmentation and also provides anti-aging properties. The vitamins content such as vitamin B complex and vitamin B6 can act as an anti-depressant and improve your mood.

3. Oat milk

It is a blessing for people who are suffering from allergies to milk, lactose-intolerant, living with gastroenterological conditions, and following vegan diet.

It is a rich source of protein, which is beneficial for building and repairing cells & tissues and producing antibodies & enzymes.

The calcium content in oat mil is beneficial for strengthening bones and teeth, moving blood through blood vessels regularly, and releasing hormones.

In addition, being a good source of vitamin B12, it plays a crucial role in keeping blood cells and nerves healthy.

The phosphorus content in this type of milk is helpful in maintaining energy and conducting different chemical processes.

4. Cashew cheese

It is a plant-based alternative to dairy cheese. Apart from possessing more minerals and vitamins as compared to dairy cheese, it is a rich source of protein, calcium, fibers, and vitamin B.

This is helpful in maintain building healthy muscles, cells, and tissues. Moreover, it is useful for strengthening bone health.

Owing to absence of saturated fats, it helps in reducing cholesterol levels and risks of heart diseases. Moreover, the high content of proteins and healthy fats, this type of cheese is helpful in keeping the stomach full and lower down cravings.

So, it becomes one of the most sought-after alternatives for people looking for weight loss and management. It can be added to pizza and pasta to ensure deliciousness and healthy eating.

5. Extra virgin olive oil

This is an indispensable part of the world’s long-living cultures for the health benefits it offers and its usage as an alternative to dairy butter.

From offering anti-inflammatory properties and acting as a pain killer, this type of olive oil is rich in soluble fibers and carbohydrates.

It is helpful in maintaining levels of blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity. Lowering down cholesterol accumulation helps in controlling weight and keeping heart problems at bay.

In addition, it improves digesting by cleaning digestive tract and enabling bowel movement. Many research studies highlighted that unsaturated fats, nitrite, and nitrate contents in this type of oil are blessing for those who need protection from hypertension.

Despite all of these benefits, there are hindrances to adoption of such type of alternatives due to lack of awareness, variations in raw material prices, and proper guidance.

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However, the adoption of vegan diets and surge in focus on fitness activities will bring these alternatives to the mainstream.It is better to be late than never. So, begin inclusion of these alternatives in your daily diet.