Five Strategies On how to Make an Effective and Attention-grabbing Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Five Strategies On how to Make an Effective and Attention-grabbing Virtual Conference

Engaging and productive virtual conferences are one of the best ways to handle business meetings but can be challenging to plan, manage, and promote.

Virtual Conferences are convenient for any user involved in that event. With the proper preparation and research, you’ll make one of the best virtual conferences that will catch the attention of any attendees.

Businesses and individuals use online video conferences because of their flexibility, reduced costs, and improved collaboration among employees. Let’s explore what virtual conferences have to offer and how you can make them stand out!

Five Strategies On how to Make an Effective and Attention-grabbing Virtual Conference

Below are some tips and strategies on how to make your virtual conference stand out and be successful. Read on and discover the many ways you can improve your online conferences!

Create an Attractive and Concise Event Page

Your event page contains all of the important information your attendees and guests need to know in order to go to your event.

A good event page requires creativity and an eye-catching format in order to allure your guests. The event page should impress your attendees and must have an encouraging way for guests to sign up in the easiest way possible.

If they have a problem, your product can fix it with the help of the virtual event explaining how to solve it.

You have to make sure that you can explain and illustrate ways in a direct but creative approach as much as possible.

An important part of the event page is interesting pictures, a professionally-written blurb, the date of the event, videos, guest speakers, customer reviews, and the description of your event.

Another tip to boost your virtual conference presence is through the help of social media. You can create shareable buttons to post on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Above all the tips mentioned about your event page, you should make the easiest way possible for your audience to register.

Make your “Register Now” button visible and clear. It should not be hidden and hard to find. You can also add more than one registration button on the top or bottom of your page.

Your registration button should not have a dull colour. Choose a colour that will contrast your event page. In this way, your “Registration Now” button stands out and is easy to find.

Make Your Virtual Conference Interactive

According to a famous blog post about virtual conferences, Penguin Events Coordinator UK advises sending out physical gifts to make your virtual conference lively and engaging.

Sending out pre-packed kits to your attendees makes them feel important and special. It simulates the feeling of attending a real live event.

You can incorporate food or beverage kits they can make at home. Provide recipes that they can make in the comfort of their home together with other attendees.

This activity can make your virtual conference lively and fun while also taking a break from serious business matters being discussed at the event.

Incorporating a fun activity for your audience gives them something to look forward to and makes attending the event worthwhile.

Engaging and Remarkable Speakers is a Must

Statistics show that about 49% of marketers say that audience engagement is one of the biggest factors for a successful virtual conference. A

ood, lively, and engaging speaker increases the chances of a successful virtual conference. One of the most important parts of an event is being an effective speaker.

Without an exceptional speaker, your audience will not be interested in what you have to offer. It is important to hire a speaker that engages the audience well, even if it is through an online setting.

With a virtual setting, you can also reduce costs in hiring an effective speaker because they don’t have to attend in person.

Choose the speaker that best fits your virtual conference and what they have to offer in order to deliver the meeting presentation exceptionally well and memorable.

Utilize Email Marketing

Even though social media is king when it comes to advertising and promotions in this day and age, email is still relevant today.

Email marketing is an effective strategy in all fields of business. Sending out email newsletters, new events, exciting updates, and post-event summaries can help your virtual conference stand out and be known to many audiences.

Tease Your Audience on What’s Next For Your Virtual Conference

We all love surprises, and it’s no different when you are organizing a virtual video conferencing call. It would be best if you did not give away all of what you planned in the very beginning.

Making your attendees guess and filled with expectations will keep them coming back to your event page.

The anticipation will keep your attendees interested in what’s to come in your virtual conference. This marketing tip is the same when you attend music festivals wherein they first show the smaller and lesser known bands.

As the main attraction comes by, they announce the main attraction that many fans have been waiting for. It keeps the suspense and excitement alive when they anticipate their greatest idols.

You can apply this tactic in your virtual conference, where the main attraction is set out at a later date to build anticipation.

You can tease your audience by making cliffhangers. You can make cliffhangers on your event page that say something like “More exciting guests to come” or “Get ready to meet some of the amazing personalities in business”.

In this way, your audience has anticipation and excitement about what’s to come, and it also builds value for the virtual conference.

With this tactic, you can also plan out your event and smoothen everything out before you announce a final conference date.

You can tease and create anticipation through the use of social media and emails. Keep updating your target audience, and they will be interested while you finalize every detail for your event.

You can also update your event page regularly and post updates to encourage your attendees to make them keep coming back to your event website.

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