Five Things to Plan Before Building a Pool

swimming pool

It is simple to see why so many Australians dream of having their swimming pool installed in their backyard.

Although, the truth is that building a pool requires more than just hiring a top-notch installation team. Read the pool building checklist homeowners typically overlook when planning.

1. Successful Design Begins with Careful Integration

Your pool’s architects should tailor its layout to the specifics of your backyard. Every project is unique, from soil type to closeness to structures and trees to underground services and site elevation. The client’s desired level of integration and landscaping is always unique too.

After that comes the pool’s design, including its dimensions and any special features like spas, retaining walls, or glass window panels, the space’s functionality is affected by these elements.

Use a seasoned constructor who can spot issues you might miss with your inexperienced gaze. If you need retaining walls, they may advise you to get a raised pool instead, which can serve as a retaining wall, a planter box, or a cascading water feature.

2. Most Companies That Construct Swimming Pools Focus On Just One Niche

The choice between concrete and fibreglass pools is crucial. A builder specialising in one or the other may try to recruit you with a pool outside your best interests.

For example, a pool firm specialising in fibreglass pools might visit your property, form an opinion based on their inspection, and then estimate a fibreglass pool.

It may be counter to the most practical and economical choice for you. A good rule of thumb is to get a second opinion from a pool builder with experience with concrete and fibreglass pools.

3. Filtration, Heating, Cleansing, And Automation

Maintaining the vitality and longevity of your pool is similar to taking care of your car: both require frequent fueling, tune-ups, and general upkeep, nevertheless, with a minor twist.

The good news is that keeping a pool clean now primarily entails keeping the skimmer basket clear of leaves, the filter element clean, and the water adequately treated with chemicals. Reduce the time spent cleaning the pool by ensuring that debris does not find its way in.

Large, unkempt trees in the area might be an eyesore, but a little money spent on a good cleaner will go a long way.

A pool cover will help keep unwanted guests like leaves and dirt out of your tranquil sanctuary. When accessorising your pool, keep the distance from the filtration system in mind. The sizes should be appropriate for the body of water.

4. Pool Construction and Landscaping Should Both Be Included in Your Budget

There is no denying that we spend considerable time in and around the pool. You may relax in the sun, read a book, listen to music, have meaningful conversations with friends, and even barbecue. Discussing landscaping, plants, and furniture is essential when constructing a pool.

5. Get the Appropriate Licences And Certifications to Make Sure Your Pool Is Safe for Use

A private certifier and the state water board must approve a pool’s permit application if it is to be built on a hard surface area, such as an extended concrete surround or slab. Designing a pool that satisfies all the rules and regulations is challenging.

It is advised that all the hard surfaces in the backyard be planned and approved as part of the overall design process. This avoids unnecessary back-and-forth, such as pausing the project to reapply.

Using a private certifier can save time, but both your location and the sort of pool you use determine your eligibility.

For further information on your zone, visit the NSW Planning Portal or confirm the approval timeline with the local council.


A swimming pool is the best addition to any house. However, your pool’s look and quality will depend on the builders you hire. Skilled and experienced builders can bring your dream of a working pool to life at a reasonable cost.

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