Five Wallpaper Ideas that Instantly Add Colour and Drama to Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom Wallpaper

Five Wallpaper Ideas that Instantly Add Colour and Drama to Your Bathroom Space

Bathrooms are a place of serenity that you usually enjoy all alone! It offers you space and privacy to light up your busy mornings.

So, just like living rooms, your bathroom design also needs special care and attention. But that does not imply that you can decorate your bathroom with designs from your living room. The bathroom is a room that projects your personality and hence deserves its design.

However, designing your bathroom can be intimidating as you can’t pop with any prints or colours to enhance its appearance.

But these days, trendy wallpapers are present to make your job much easier. They instantly add dimensions to your walls and completely transform your bathroom space. 

However, the only flaw with these wallpapers is that they are available in diverse designs and patterns, which may leave you with no options.

So to help you out, we will outline a few wallpaper ideas to add a cheerful design to your bathroom space.

1. Take a look up at the sky

Your bathroom ceiling needs to get the attention they deserve, as they have all the potential of walls. If you are just painting your ceiling with various shades of beige and then ignoring it, you might be missing out on something big. 

These days, with wallpaper designs, you can do something entirely out of the box. Instead of just placing your wallpaper on the walls, try carrying it onto your bathroom ceilings. This is quite a unique concept that can set your bathroom apart from other restrooms. 

But before you take this inspirative idea, ensure your ceiling space has good ventilation so your wallpaper ceiling can be kept safe from the hot shower steam.

2. Use large prints in a tiny space

Bathrooms are usually too tiny and quite congested. So, we always tend to pick small items for designing our bathroom space.

This might work well, but you must also try the other side. In other words, mix and match the designs regardless of your bathroom’s size. 

For example, place a large design wallpaper in your small bathroom area. Weird? Absolutely not! Instead, it can draw the eye and awe your guests. Plus, it can make your bathroom appear more prominent and brighter. 

Small spaces are the perfect place to go big and bold. So, why not embrace this unique style and give your bathroom a more appealing look?

3. Introduce a vintage vibe

The classic retro looks are still evergreen to this day. Since they have a rich heritage and never fail to give out elegance and charm to the area around them, evoking such a style in your bathroom can be a great idea. 

For example, vintage wallpaper with a rose and leaf design channels a soft look in your bathroom. The titles and mirror also work well with this design to elevate your bathroom’s style. So, bringing in such a vintage feel can keep your bathroom classic while adding a contemporary style.

4. Consider neutrals

One of the main goals for decorating the bathroom is to create a sense of serenity, right? We all need a perfect calming place to unwind and prepare for the busy day ahead. Well, subtle wallpapers with neutral shades can help manifest your goal. 

Although these wallpapers look simple, they give off a stylish look that instantly brings drama to your bathroom decor.

If you’re planning to decorate your bathroom, try not to let your ideas overwhelm you and make your space feel busy. Instead, make an effort to embrace designs that can soothe and revitalise your mind.

5. Bring in the luxury by adding deep colours

Do you wish to add a touch of vibrancy and life to your bathroom space? If yes, you must go with wallpapers in dark shades. 

For example, wallpaper with intense green shades or deep blue hues can give your bathroom a touch of the ocean with soothing nature.

Plus, it adds luxury and elegance to your bathroom space. So, therefore, don’t just blindly select neutral shades to spruce up your bathroom space; try out dark shades to give the room a heavenly appearance. 

Wallpapers can significantly influence the style of your bathroom. So if you are planning to buy one for your bathroom space, select waterproof wallpaper as they do not absorb water and can keep your bathroom decor safe.

If you are unsure how and where to start with your bathroom design, feel free to use the above tips to get the desired design.

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