Floor Scrubbers a Perfect Cleaning Solution

Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are devices utilized to clean your facility at a minimum time with the least effort. Conventional cleaning techniques such as a mop and bucket are less sanitary than using a floor scrubber.

Manual cleaning is time-consuming and is preferred for cleaning small areas, which has become a challenge for various industries and workers.

The rise in safety-enabled productivity in many sectors is further expected to fuel the growth of floor scrubbers.

Efforts to ensure adequate disinfection of floor surfaces increased significantly post-COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in high acceptance of sustainable and eco-friendly scrubbers.    

The floor scrubbers use a large amount of water and several chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Therefore, market players are focusing on eco-friendly scrubbers. These scrubbers save about 90% of the water and chemical compared to conventional cleaning techniques.

Floors of malls, hospitals, supermarkets, and others where people have regular visits, need cleaning on a daily basis and at regular intervals.

Consumers prefer to go to places that are clean and have dry surfaces. Wet surfaces have a chance of slip, and floor scrubbers provide customers safety.  

Benefits of Floor Scrubbers

  • Faster Dry Times
  • Greater Cleaning Efficiency
  • Simpler Cleaning Process
  • Hygiene Cleaning
  • Environment Friendly
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Reduce Manpower

Usage of Floor Scrubber in Various Industries

Floor scrubbers have various applications in government, hospitality, retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and warehousing, and others.

The manufacturing and warehousing application is leading the global floor scrubbers market as several manufacturing and warehousing hazards put employees at risk because of oil spills.

This industry does repetitive tasks such as goods loading and storage and retrieval. These repetitive tasks leave dust on the floor, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

Thus, a floor scrubber is required to create a healthy environment for employees as it limits the risk of accidents caused by dirty floors.    

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is also witnessing a higher demand for floor scrubbers as it needs to maintain hygiene 24/7 due to patients with infections and diseases.

In November 2021, Blessing Health System installed autonomous floor scrubbers. Also, in December 2020, Ontario-based London Health Sciences Centre got Neo, an autonomous floor scrubber from Avidbots and Sodexo.

Cleaning huge buildings and large floors requires a considerable staff, creating high investment. On the other hand, advancements in floor scrubbing, such as robots, benefit from cost-cutting and show more efficiency.                                                          

Moreover, growing tourism is another factor driving the demand for floor scrubbers in the hospitality sector.

Several companies in the hospitality industry deal with accommodations, food services, and even entertainment, propelling a more significant number of daily footfalls.

Facilities in this industry have a broad factor of surfaces requiring regular scrubbing, and floor scrubbers are the best option.                   

Floor Scrubbing Robots

Due to various advancements in technologies, autonomous floor-scrubbing robots are now widely available and adopted by consumers worldwide.

Robots benefit customers and coworkers in smart lighting, HVAC, and cleaning technology. On the other hand, facility managers benefit from decreased management effort, cost cuts, productivity benefits, higher operational standards, and a better customer experience. The rising adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading to the expansion of market revenue.    

A few gadgets can be set up to meet specific needs, such as hard surface equipment for navigating slick floors.

Various advantages of floor scrubbers, such as simple handling, fast operation, less drying time, and effective cleaning, are rising in demand.

Countries such as Japan and Singapore have deployed several autonomous floor scrubbing robots in many industries to boost their daily productivity.

Along with Singapore and Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and China are also implementing robotic scrubbers for their airports, healthcare facilities, education, and retail locations, propelling the market growth in Asia Pacific.    

Advanced Floor Cleaning Innovations

Prominent players are increasingly innovating new products to create a high market demand for floor scrubbers.

Smart technological innovations have reduced the time an individual spends cleaning. For instance, UWANT is an innovative cleaning appliance with many functions such as scrubbing, spraying water, sucking dirt, and pumping water.

In India, Comac India Pvt Ltd has launched a range of specialized solutions for floor cleaning machines that upraise the capabilities and performance of its entire product range.

Also, due to technological advancements, automated floor scrubbers enhance battery charging and energy management and produce low noise with increased efficiency.         

Market Players and their Business Strategies

Amano Corporation, Hafi Elektra Private Limited, Hako GmbH, Nilfisk Group, Roots Multiclean Ltd, and Tennant Company are among the leading companies in the floor scrubbers market.

The market players involve various business strategies such as partnerships, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, and product launches and also investing in research and development to expand the product and attract a large consumer base.

For example, a partnership between the University of British Columbia and an innovative robotics company led by three UBC graduates brings seven artificially intelligent floor-cleaning robots to UBC’s Vancouver campus. T

ennant has collaborated with Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club and produced BrainOS-powered robotic floor scrubbers and deployed these in about 600 stores in the US.

In February 2019, Avidbots Corp collaborated with Daeduck International to introduce its Neo autonomous floor-scrubbing robot in South Korea.

Moreover, Carnegie Robotics contracted with the Pittsburgh International Airport to retrofit the older industrial floor scrubber robots with UV-cleaning equipment.           

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