France again home to luxury brands, explore Europe luxury travel with “Pradeep”

Mohit Shrotriya - Alexandre Planchez - thepradeep Co-Founder
Mohit Shrotriya - Alexandre Planchez - thepradeep Co-Founder. Photographer @Clément Desforges

France has been always famous for the royal birth of luxury brands as most recognized and famous high-end brands are French around the globe.

When Covid-19 pandemic has impacted travel industry, two young entrepreneur friends launched the startup of luxury vacation rental business “Pradeep” with the vision of environmental efficiency and predicting the post covid-19 boom in travel industry.

Pradeep offers the high-end luxury properties in France & other top travel destination in Europe.

To deliver high level of premium service, Pradeep has also diversified their portfolio to offer luxe service like yachts, private jets and cars from the range of Renault Twingo to McLaren 720 S.

Pradeep Average basket of villa rental cost 25000 €/per week and many others premium tailor-made services like private chef are provided by team according to clientele demand.

Luxury travel is one of the fastest growing forms of travel industry. Before the Covid-19 crisis takeover the industry the Europe vacation rental market size was projected to reach € 20 927 m in 2021 with the revenue annual growth rate of 9.91% CAGR (2021-25) according to research report.

This summer with the lockdown ease there was huge domestic booking demand was noticed in the industry.

According to experts of industry there is skyrocketing boom is expected in the industry where it is a good bet for the Pradeep founders to develop their brand roots till the Covid-19 situation get normal.

High end brands are an indication luxe lifestyle, status and power. The top-most important rule in the hospitality industry is to provide excellence experience. When it comes to luxury travel, companies need has to take it up further.

According to Mohit Shrotriya, CEO & Founder of Pradeep, “I believe in tourism industry, travel patterns always change but what most important for the brands is that their efficiency of their adaptability”.

In the vacation rentals industry, there is already massive competition as anyone can have the premium property but to make their brand difference is their transparency & effective service.

The hunger for travel is robust than ever and will grow high in demand in future. Covid-19 is an example that brand should make flexible policies in the favor of clients & supplier as luxury is all about experience.

Witnessing current pandemic our team pay more extra attention to detail before offering service, also trying to implement more contactless experiences.

Our team is expecting more domestic tourism as people will be more health conscious during this phase so it’s very important for us to respect the hygiene of all services offered by our team & service staff”

Alexandre Planchez, Co-Founder & VP of Pradeep, stated “with the sustainability DNA vision of Pradeep we just don’t only want to create awareness about environment crisis but also to concretely address an answer to it by compensating our client carbon emissions”.

At Pradeep, our objective is to integrate CSR into entire chain value to be carbon neutral by 2025 & also to set the example of to promote responsible tourism”.

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