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Test automation tools can help developers by providing a way to execute test cases through automation, fast and simply.

This can save developers time, reduce errors, and improve the overall quality of their tests. Automation testing tools can help developers ensure that their tests cover the full range of their application’s functionality.

Such resources have become an important asset for modern developers and testers trying to ensure that their code is optimized, reliable, and bug-free.

Using these tools, developers are able to quickly identify errors and develop solutions to them. These tools can also be used to decrease the amount of time needed to thoroughly test code, as they allow tests to be run in parallel and in different environments, leading to faster feedback.

Testers are using free test automation tools to regularly update and run without having to manually execute test cases.

Here are some free test automation tools that can help developers make better codes.

1)  LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cloud-based test orchestration and test execution platform, allowing testers to perform manual and automation testing across 3000+ devices, OS, and browser combinations.

It also offers a set of free online tools to help developers in their software development process. LambdaTest also allows developers to run their Selenium, Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer test scripts in a single click.

The tool provides a wide range of interactive testing features enabling testers to check browser compatibility, perform functionality tests, and a lot more.

The tool is widely popular for its high-quality visualization of testing reports generated through the dashboard featuring test analytics.

2)  TestRigor

TestRigor is an online test automation tool that is free to use. This makes testing easier and faster, with reduced maintenance time.

TestRigor also allows users to save their tests and reuse them later, making it a great tool for teachers who want to quickly create tests for their students.

TestRigor also provides detailed analytics, so users can easily track the performance of their students and create reports.

3)  Test Runner

TestRunner is a free test automation tool that enables developers and testers to efficiently execute tests in different environments.

This tool helps testers quickly identify and fix any bugs that may be present in the software. It also helps developers to ensure the quality and reliability of the software they are developing.

Test Runner can be used to test multiple versions of software and hardware and to generate reports on the results of the tests.

The tool is easy to use and can be used to quickly identify areas of improvement in the software. The reports generated by Test Runner can be used for further analysis and to make informed decisions on the development and testing processes.

4)  AppThwack

AppThwack is an automation testing tool, that allows testers to quickly and easily run tests between different environments or devices.

You can quickly switch between different test environments or devices with a single click, eliminating the need for the manual setup of each environment.

AppThwack provides a simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to manage and configure test environments.

Additionally, it offers automated testing features, such as running tests on multiple devices or environments, so you can quickly and easily test your applications in a variety of different environments.

5)  Perfecto

Perfecto is a cloud-based mobile testing platform that enables users to test their apps and websites on real devices.

The free testing automation tool provided by Perfecto enables developers to run their automated tests on multiple devices in parallel, in order to save time and optimize the testing process.

The tool can be used to run tests in different environments and with varying models of devices, ensuring that the tests are reliable and accurate.

Additionally, the tool also allows users to customize the tests to fit their specific needs, such as running tests on specific OS versions or platforms.

Users can also get detailed reports on the test results, which can be used to identify any possible issues and improve the overall testing process.

6)  TestComplete

TestComplete is a cloud-based testing platform that allows users to run automated and manual tests on various web and mobile applications.

It features a free test automation tool that allows users to distribute their tests across multiple virtual machines, browsers, and devices, while also providing access to real-time test results and analytics.

In addition, the tool provides insights into test performance, such as the execution time and other metrics, allowing users to optimize their tests for maximum efficiency.

7)  CrossBrowser Testing

CrossBrowser Testing is a cloud-based service that allows users to test their websites and web applications across different browsers, operating systems, and devices.

It is a comprehensive platform for cross-browser testing that allows you to test your website or web application on more than 2000 real mobile and desktop browsers.

It also provides an automated testing tool to quickly spin up tests across multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices.

CrossBrowser Testing will help you spin up tests quickly and easily, and it’s a great tool for running cross-browser compatibility tests.

8)  Experitest

Experitest allows users to execute test cases between multiple devices, enabling them to quickly and efficiently run multiple tests. It provides features such as test case selection, device selection, and test execution.

The tool also allows users to track test results and monitor progress. Additionally, Experitest provides comprehensive documentation and support. This makes it an ideal solution for users who are looking for a cost-effective way to automate their test cases.


Test automation tools are helping significantly in testing different versions of applications. With these tools, developers can quickly make sure their code is working as expected and that their applications are performing as desired. This allows them to save time and money while ensuring their applications are of the highest quality.

These tools are helping developers and testers to save time while ensuring their applications are of the highest quality.

With the right tools, developers can make sure their applications are working as intended and that they are providing the best possible user experience.

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