French Crown Vs Snitch – Which Fashion Brand is Better & Why?

French Crown Vs Snitch

French Crown and Snitch are two India-based fashion brands that sell wide range of garments and accessories online at best prices. Snitch is a domestic brand because it operates exclusively across India.

On the other hand, French Crown delivers products over 90 countries across the world. Though both specialize in menswear category, French Crown also offers quality womenswear.

Started as a b2b fashion brand, Snitch has now pivoted to b2c trend, increasing order volume 2000+ per day. What’s more, in July 2023, Snitch launched its first ever offline store in Bengaluru to expand its business and reach more customers.

Started as an India-based company, French Crown India now has become a global brand, an eminent name in online menswear and womenswear categories. French Crown ensures each of its products is not just fashionable but also environmentally responsible.

Thus, both French Crown and Snitch are well-known ecommerce brand. Today, we will compare these two brands and how they compete in various categories. This article will discuss which brand is better.

Let’s dive in.

Feature Comparison between French Crown VS Snitch

Let’s explore the key features of both Snitch and French Crown. The features comparison between these two brands will help you understand whether they are alike or different from each other, and how one is better than the other.

Product Range & Diversity

Both French Crown and Snitch include variety of products. French Crown may have a little advantage due to its collection for both men and women. Both websites offer a diverse range of clothing items. What keeps one brand apart from other is Snitch only offers perfumes for men besides men’s clothing items.

On the other hand, besides clothes for men and women, French Crown offers all kinds of accessories, such as tie, brooches, cufflinks, perfumes, belts, wallets, etc. Also, French Crown sells pens and keychains.

Quality of Materials:

As a reputed brand, Snitch offers the clothing items made of premium quality fabrics. These fabrics make clothes durable and comfortable. On the other hand, French Crown also never compromise on fabric quality and follow eco-friendly process to make the clothes. Their products not just look fashionable but also are environmentally responsible.

Design Aesthetics:

French Crown boasts a refined design aesthetic. The brand embraces a harmonious blend of elegant typography, a subdued color palette, and sophisticated imagery. In contrast, Snitch exudes a bold and edgy vibe through its color schemes, dynamic layouts, and striking visuals. Snitch focuses mainly on casual wear, especially for Gen Z and X. While French Crown exudes timeless elegance, Snitch captures a

contemporary, bold spirit. Both brands leverage their distinct aesthetics to resonate with diverse audiences seeking either refined sophistication or a cutting-edge allure.

Trend Relevance:

Snitch offers a wide range of menswear, including shirts, t-shirts, jeans, cargos, loungewear, co-ord set, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, etc. All these are trendy and mostly suitable for casual or semi casual occasions.

The brand mainly aims to reach Gen Z and Gen X. On the other hand, all the products available at French Crown, be it menswear, womenswear or any accessory, look classy and fashionable. Their timeless designs can elevate anyone’s style statement and make him or her stand out from the crowd.

Whether it is a casual dine out, a summer day out, a date night, party at beach, office event, or daily work, French Crown offers clothes suitable for all types of occasions and people of all ages.

Price Range and Value:

French Crown is a renowned luxury brand. Thus, it commands premium prices due to its high-quality materials, intricate craftsmanship, and iconic designs. Its rich heritage and exclusivity contribute to its perceived value.

In contrast, Snitch offers menswear and perfumes for men at almost as same price range as French Crown offers.

However, its collection is not as diverse as French Crown has. Also, French Crown uses far better fabrics than Snitch. Therefore, Snitch’s offered price does not add that much value as French Crown does.

Customer Experience and Testimonials

Snitch has online presence in quite a few social platforms. French Crown has online presence in less number of platforms as compared to Snitch. Still, French Crown is more active in social media than Snitch. In Facebook, it has more likes and followers than Snitch.

Both brands’ websites and social platforms clearly show how satisfied their customers are with them. French Crown highlights exceptional service, personalized shopping, and satisfaction with luxurious products.

The brand’s strong reputation is reflected in positive reviews. Snitch also has positive reviews. But if you go through its website carefully, you will see some of the unhappy customers’ experiences, commenting on the company’s shipping and return policy.

Payment Methods

Both brands offer online payment and cash on delivery options as payment methods. Though French Crown operates globally, its COD option is applicable in India only.

You can opt for COD for any of your purchased items. On the other hand, Snitch offers COD option as payment method for orders below 5000 INR. Both brands are reputable and reliable. Therefore, they have transparent payment process.

Delivery & Shipping

French Crown delivers products within just 3 to 7 working days all over the world. On the other hand, Snitch takes 7 to 10 working days to deliver products across India. It is evident, French Crown has more prompt delivery service than Snitch.

In addition, French Crown does not add any shipping charge on any order. But Snitch takes 100 INR shipping charge for cod orders. For returning items, Snitch charges 100 INR whereas French Crown has a free return policy.

If you want to return a product bought from Snitch, it needs to be done within 7 days of your purchase. On the other hand, French Crown offers 60 days no questions asked return policy.

French Crown vs Snitch – Which One Is Better?

After conducting thorough research into both brands, considering their reputation, product quality, customer experiences, and alignment with your own preferences, make an informed decision on which one resonates better with your style and values.

The above discussion clearly shows how French Crown serves both men and women by elevating their style statement, meeting their budget and giving a satisfying customer experience. Though both brands have seen significant growth in last few years, French Crown will always be one step ahead of Snitch for its diverse product range, quality, speedy delivery service, and hassle-free return process.

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