From Local to Global, Celebrating the Women Artisans from Etsy

Women Artisans from Etsy

Women sellers who have upskilled themselves and are now successfully running their business

Etsy in India is home to a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs, and we are proud to say that a significant number of them are women.

From artisans to small business owners, our women sellers are leading the way in redefining the creative economy, and we believe that their stories deserve to be shared.

Etsy has helped expand the horizons of these women sellers by providing them with a global platform to not only grow their businesses but also promote their craft.

Some women seller from Etsy

The women artisans of Etsy are being celebrated for their transition from local to global. These talented artists have taken their work from local markets and transformed it into a thriving global business.

Through the use of the Etsy platform, they are able to reach customers from all over the world, and showcase their unique and beautiful creations.

This has allowed them to expand their reach, increase their sales, and grow their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

The success of these women artisans is a testament to their talent and hard work, and it demonstrates the power of technology in connecting people and businesses across the globe.

Through Etsy, they have been able to overcome geographical barriers, and bring their art to a wider audience. As a result, they have been able to grow their businesses and support themselves and their families.

Etsy is proud to support these women artisans, and is committed to continuing to provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the global marketplace.

The creativity and passion of these women is an inspiration to all, and we look forward to seeing their continued success on the Etsy platform and beyond.

Rajshhreei Choudhury: RaagaSilkTales (Mumbai)

Rajshhreei Choudhury grew up observing her mother and grandmother adorning beautiful handloom sarees and handwoven fabrics for everyday needs.

The path towards a handloom business came to her naturally as she has many childhood memories attached to it, evoked by a feeling of nostalgia where her grandmother weaved fabrics, sarees, mekhela chador, a traditional Assamese attire.

Based out of Mumbai, RaagaSilkTales started as an empowerment hub providing a platform for women workers to showcase their skills and earn a living.

Rajshhreei is now a woman entrepreneur who aims to provide mindful handloom choices and commercial opportunities alike.

She believes in exploring the creative side of culture, with every handmade product reflecting a beautiful story.

Her designs are a bold take on reminiscence and memory in modern times, with a trendy, versatile and comfortable approach.

Rajeswari Sengupta: The Far East Art Studio (Kolkata)

As a child Rajeswari Sengupta had always seen her mother curating textiles for her wardrobe and home.

On a trip to Kathmandu with her husband one winter, Rajeshwari came across beautiful Mithila paintings which she thought she could use to make photo frames and other decor pieces. With this, her shop The Far East Art Studio began.

The Far East Art Studio started as a place where people could shop for artwork from the far east. However, soon after, Rajeshwari got her mother onboard and used her expertise to create textiles – mainly sarees from some parts of India and Bangladesh.

Her mother is now the designer and curator for The Far East Art Studio while the rest of Rajeshwari’s family looks after the marketing and logistics.

Rajeshwari came onto Etsy in 2015 and has found it to be a wonderful platform for her creative business.

Etsy has helped her automate all processes without the need of brick-and-mortar stores or even investing in a website.

Etsy has helped connect The Far East Art Studio to a very broad audience – from craft lovers to textile experts from across the globe.

It is easy to use, allowing as much customization to the process as required – from tailor made delivery settings to interactions with buyers.

Sarmistha:MajesticMitus (Himachal Pradesh)

A lover of wildflowers, Sarmistha decided to make flowers her livelihood. Her shop Majestic Mitus, which uses real flower resin to create jewellery, is all about immortalizing the beauty of these lovely wildflowers.

Her creations are for the simple, down to earth women who love nature and want to make a simple but elegant fashion statement with a real piece of nature.

Sarmishtha urges women like her to celebrate their love for nature with the real flower jewellery exclusively made from naturally grown wild flora collected from the majestic mountains of Himalaya- a mega biodiversity hotspot of unique fauna and flora of the world. 

Sarmistha started her store on Etsy in 2018 and has catered to customers from all over the world since then.

Ridhhi and Sidhhi, Renu Raniwala: Fabricrush (Jaipur)

Having been blessed with twin daughters Ridhhi and Sidhhi, Renu Raniwala’s bundle of joy was always high and bringing them up had been a blissful journey for her.

Ridhhi being a special needs child, required additional attention and Renu always liked to handcraft colorful napkins and bibs made of soft fabrics as she fed her daughter. Ridhhi always had an affection for every new bib or napkin that her mother would craft for her.

Over a morning cuppa Renu’s entrepreneur daughter and already successful Etsy seller Siddhi suggested that she too showcase her skills via her own Etsy shop.

Without any further ado, Renu began learning more about Etsy and realized the immense opportunity it brings to crafters and designers like her.

She took the plunge and with a will to offer to the world the most authentic and beautifully designed fabrics, she started “Fabricrush”.

Krishna & Kalyani: StudioDecorai (Ahmedabad)

Single mother Krishna along with one of her three daughters, Kalyani, founded StudioDecorai, after retiring from her profession as a teacher.

StudioDecorai offers a range of handcrafted, and hand painted home decor products inspired by nature and culture.

An artist at heart, Krishna designs the products while Kalyani manages the operations of their shop. StudioDecorai came on Etsy in 2021 and has had over 40 sales since then.

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