Fynd’s AI-based WatermarkRemover.io tool cracks Product Hunt’s top positions for March’22 beating hundreds of products


A free-to-use mobile app by the Reliance-backed platform makes removal of the translucent watermarks from high-quality images extremely easy & smooth in just a few seconds

Mumbai, March 29th, 2022: After the massive success of Reliance-backed Fynd’s groundbreaking photo editing tool Erase.bg & upscale.media, India’s largest omnichannel platform and retail technology company has created and scaled yet another ground-breaking tool

WatermarkRemover.io. The AI-backed solution is now attracting international attention with its winning entry into Product Hunt’s top products list.

WatermarkRemover.io comes with an intuitive AI algorithm that performs multiple tasks to remove the watermarks. It first predicts the location of the watermark in an image, then segregates its colours from the background, and finally reconstructs the background image in the area where the watermark was present. 

Acclaimed global technology community, Product Hunt that rates new products based on their efficiency, innovation, and use, ranked WatermarkRemover.io #2 spot as the product of the day on 10th March’ 2022, #4 for the product of the week from 7th to 13th March’ 2022. 

WatermarkRemover.io makes watermark removal efficient and straightforward due to its automatic detection, quality retention, ease-of-use, multi-coloured support, multiple watermark removal and hassle-free installation features. 

“Removing visual watermarks from images is very useful for college/university students working on getting a creative degree or working professionals creating presentations frequently.

Although Photoshop and other image editing tools have long been able to remove watermarks, the process has been tedious and sometimes leads to harming the aesthetics of an image.

WatermarkRemover.io is here to make the entire process quick and simple and is free of cost for everyone,” said Farooq Adam, co-founder of Fynd.

About Fynd

Fynd is a leading omnichannel platform and technology company, creating a thriving ecosystem for retail businesses to grow and expand market influence.

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Keeping technology at the core of operations, Fynd is adept at understanding the needs & expectations of the end consumer, recognizing market trends, and creating bespoke solutions for both the end consumers and businesses.