Esports Tournament Platform Gamerji launches operations in South East Asia

Soham Thacker-Founder CEO-Gamerji
  • Commences operations in Philippines & Indonesia from May 2024
  • Launches 8 titles for skilled gaming including popular games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, MLBB, Valorant, Clash Royale, FIFA and more
  • Gamerji has user base of  11.7M in India & MENA organising 500+ daily  tournaments from across 22 titles

 May 28, 2024, Ahmedabad: After receiving a remarkable response from India and MENA region, India’s leading esports tournament platform Gamerji today announced the launch of its operations in the South East Asia market starting with Indonesia and Philippines.

Southeast Asia stands as the epicentre of esports, experiencing rapid growth driven by several key factors. Advancements in gaming hardware, robust internet infrastructure, and cutting-edge streaming technology that have collectively elevated the gaming experience.

Ahmedabad headquartered esports company Gamerji has gone live with 8 game titles including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, MLBB, Valorant, Clash Royale, CS:GO, Rocket League & FIFA. New users get virtual currency & a free 3 day subscription on joining as a welcome offer.

Gamerji can be accessed via its website & also available on Android & iOS stores. The company plans to add 1M users from the South East Asia region over the next 12 months.

Founded in 2019, by gaming expert and serial entrepreneur, Soham Thacker, Gamerji aims to bridge the gap between amateur and professional gamers by providing them with a credible platform to further hone their skills. 

The company allows gamers to compete, host matches, communicate & get recognised for their gaming skills. Gamerji hosts over 500 tournaments on a daily basis with active participation from avid gamers from India and MENA.  The Company has a registered user base of over 10.8 million and aims to cross 20 million in the next 12 months.  

Soham Thacker, CEO & Founder of Gamerji, says, “As esports continues its exponential growth, gaining recognition globally from esteemed Olympic councils to governments, educational institutions, brands, and industries, Gamerji is committed to enhancing its presence in SEA markets which has been witnessing the soaring popularity of esports.

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive experience, where gamers can sharpen their skills through daily tournaments and enjoy a safe, fair, and exhilarating gaming environment, with rewards awaiting them.”

Since inception, Gamerji has grown exponentially. Last year, Gamerji raised $3million in Pre Series A and started with its international expansion and launched operations in UAE & Saudi Arabia. Gamerji’s strategy is to build a large user base in India and cater to cross-border tournaments in other regions.

The gaming industry in Southeast Asia has seen remarkable growth, with projections indicating further expansion. According to Statista Research, the gaming industry is anticipated to hit USD 13.12 million in 2024, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.05% in the games segment. By 2028, the market volume is forecasted to soar to USD 17.88 million.

Currently, user penetration stands at 40%, but it’s expected to skyrocket to 338.2 million people by 2028, marking a substantial 47% increase. The Southeast Asia esports market is poised to showcase a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.20% from 2024 to 2032. This growth trajectory underscores the region’s status as a dynamic hub for esports and highlights the significant opportunities it offers for players, enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders alike.

About Gamerji

Gamerji is an online esports platform for gamers to compete, communicate, share content, host matches, build their gaming profile & win exciting prizes. The platform launched in 2019 is currently serving more than 10.8M gamers from India and has conducted more than 12 thousand core esports scrims & tournaments till date.

The company plans to be the first step for all the aspiring gamers to start their esports journey by organising tournaments for more than 30 titles. Gamerji has raised $5 million till date in funding.

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