GenWorks conducts roadshows across 25 cities to raise awareness about its latest vertical, In vitro diagnostics

S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks

The company is continuously advocating early and timely disease detection, to establish itself as a brand of choice

Bengaluru, December 23,  2022: GenWorks, India’s leading digital medical and healthcare solution provider, is conducting roadshows in 25 cities across the country to showcase its in vitro diagnostic (IVD) offerings.

The company reiterates the importance of early disease detection and now intends to significantly grow the IVD division.

With these roadshows, the company’s mission is to reach out to a larger number of doctors, pathologists, and lab technicians.

All important blood tests, including those for pregnancy, blood glucose, and COVID-19 (mostly), depend on the reagents’ availability.

This crucial substance and blood test machines are integral to the IVD ecosystem. As of now, GenWorks has installed a base of 2500 IVD systems in several labs and hospitals across India.

Mr. Subramanian R, Senior Director & Head of IVD at GenWorks, is leading the roadshow initiative.

He said, “We have added the IVD vertical to our bouquet of services in the last few years, and now is the right time to reach a larger number of people.

This roadshow is a branding opportunity to showcase our differentiated solutions and investments with a support infrastructure we have built across the country.

It will enable us to connect with doctors, pathologists and technicians in the respective cities and showcase our best-in class-solutions.”

“We are getting close to 100 visitors daily, and many are already turning into sales. It began in Delhi and so far, we have covered ten cities.

Our mission is to leave a stamp of authenticity and authority in the minds of the people as an IVD company,” Mr. Subramanian added.

Visitors will see all the latest state-of-the-art equipment in the three key IVD verticals – biochemistry, immunoassay, and hematology.

Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks, said, “Test before treat is a significant change that is evolving as a trend, and this is going to support the reduction in the cost of care and to save lives.

IVD is a significant segment to support healthcare transformation and a fast-track growth vertical in GenWorks.

We are uniquely positioned with our complete portfolio of IVD equipment and reagents from Dialab, Dirui Diatron & Snibe.

We also have Thermofisher and Perkin Elmer for high-end testing as drug assays and prenatal and newborn screening.

This helps significantly to build efficiency and productivity by leveraging the solutions at affordable prices. Our connected care solution enables tele-reporting and analytics.”

GenWorks’ portfolio also includes urine, electrolytes analyzer, coagulation, ESR analyzer, Elisa reader, Rapid tests & Tubes, and Consumables covering all the needs of our customers.

About GenWorks:

GenWorks is the first startup in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access in India.

GenWorks was originally a Wipro GE invested company with an aim to create a platform for solving the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare- – Access, Affordability and Adoption.

GenWorks was conceived to bridge the gap of inadequacies in the healthcare sector by leveraging its close association with GE Healthcare, whose vision is ‘At work for a healthier India’ GenWorks aims to make quality care available across the country.

GenWorks is dedicated to building awareness by leveraging the available technology and providing affordable solutions across geographies through its state-of-the-art digital solutions, with a focus on improving specialist access for the last-mile.

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