GenWorks Health reimagines gynaecology with Eva colposcope

S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks

The ‘stethoscope for gynaecology’ is a portable, non-invasive device for cervical examination

May 12, 2022: GenWorks, the first start up in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access in India, has recently launched Eva colposcope (Eva colpo), a non-invasive device for cervical examination of females.

Touted as the stethoscope for gynaecology’, the device is as sleek and small as a smartphone and will aid in maintaining female comfort during check-ups, through its lack of intrusion.

Many females are apprehensive of gynaecological check-ups and develop embarrassment, anxiety and a sense of discomfort.

Keeping this challenge in mind, GenWorks developed this light-weight, fully portable and FDA approved device.

Eva colpo streams digital images and videos of the medical procedure in real-time to the patients, thereby significantly reducing their anxiety. The gynaecologist can now perform treatment evaluation with greater accuracy by visualizing the vagina, vulva, and the cervix, using the device.

The greatest advantage of the device is that it can be operated when there is a lack of support staff or facilities.  

Addressing his vision, Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, Genworks, said, “Eva colpo can be used even in low resource settings where a trained paramedic can perform its screening.

The device can help in the diagnosis of probable cases in the pre-cancerous stage itself. It takes about 10 to 20 years for mild dysplasia to turn into cancer.

Through regular screening, this can be prevented. Eva with its advanced imaging capabilities and AI interpretation with cloud connectivity, helps you achieve this goal.”

Agreeing with the ease of use, Dr. M. Anuradha, professor and head, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur, said, “Eva colpo is very handy and comfortable to use compared to the previous colposcope.

I have been using it in my hospital and I use it primarily for screening abnormal cervix and abnormal pap smear. None of my patients have ever raised any objection with regard to the device.”

All the images obtained during screening are digitally documented and archived. This enables doctors to compare the findings of the archived images with the present ones, educate their patients, and maintain greater transparency.

Eva colpo aids paramedic staff in understanding the lesions better, particularly in low-grade lesion cases which are more challenging to detect.

Commenting on the unparalleled utility of the device, Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar, Medical Director, SaiNiwas Health Care, said, “Eva colpo with its Artificial Intelligence helps us to understand if what we are seeing during screening is normal or abnormal.

With low grade lesions there is a little ambiguity about whether it is a metaplasia (abnormal change in the nature of a tissue) or a lesion, so this tool really helps us to understand it better.”

“You have the list of all the patients you have examined in a day and can go through it one by one for any future reference, complete with all the examination reports and images. The results/reports can then be easily transferred to the patient’s personal e-mail,” said Dr. Priya on the transparency.

Eva Colpo can transform the realm of gynaecology across Indian hospitals and help in early-stage cancer diagnosis, all the while maintaining patients’ comfort.

About GenWorks :

GenWorks is the first startup in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access in India.

GenWorks was originally a Wipro GE invested company with an aim to create a platform for solving the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare – Access, Affordability and Adoption.

GenWorks was conceived to bridge the gap of inadequacies in the healthcare sector by leveraging its close association with GE Healthcare, whose vision is ‘At work for a healthier India’.

GenWorks aims to make quality care available across the country. GenWorks is dedicated to building awareness by leveraging the available technology and providing affordable solutions across geographies through its state-of-the-art digital solutions, with a focus on improving specialist access for the last-mile.

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