Geotextile Bags – The Most Durable and Eco-Friendly Bags


Geotextile bags are made from absorbent fabrics which are normally correlated with mud. It comprises the potential to segregate the drain, conserve and reinforce.

These types of bags are manufactured from polypropylene or polyester fabric. Normally these are usable in three kinds:

Heat Bonded, Needle Punched and Woven. When the Geotextile Bags were instructed then numerous properties like Meshes, Geogrids were also formulated.

Geotextiles Bags come with bigger stability and the substances which are used to construct these bags are considered as geosynthetics.

Every structure of these bags comprises Geonets, Geogrids, Geotextile Tubes and Geosynthetic clay liners. This has massive advantages in geotechnical structure and environmental engineering.

Mention the Types of Geotextile Bags

There are two kinds of Geo Sandbags or Geotextile Bags. These bags have a diversity of applications for different objectives.

All of these bags carry a tough protective layer which boosts the friction against UV and also safeguards from any type of destruction.

These kinds of sacks are known to be Soil Containers which are generally available in the form of bags. Which are made from geotextile woven or woven cloth.

These sandbags are recognized by numerous names like Woven/Non-Woven Geo Bags, Geotextile Sand Container, Sand Bag and Geotextile Bag. The Geotextile Bags are prepared in two types which we have indicated below.

Woven Geotextile Fabrics

These types of bags are designed by either interlacing rounded or steady threads of several types of fabrics at the right intersections.

Non-Woven Geotextile Fabrics

These types of Geotextile bags are manufactured by needle-punching where meshes of fibrous are nudged by prickly needles of different types of fabrics. Then reiterating action stimulates the creation of absorbent materials. This is also deemed as filter textiles.

Mention the Advantages of Geotextile Bags

There are multiple advantages of Geotextile Bags. Some of the major benefits are quoted below.

  • Protection

These bags are contemplated adequately for delivering outstanding preservation from the erosion of reiterated drawdown.

Also conserves from Wave Current and Wave Action. It is very understandable to position a coating of these sandbags for the deterrence of the leaching of quality substances.

It fulfils the best advantage for rock beaching and mattress configurations. It can be done very conveniently by positioning them underwater.

  • Drainage

These sunken sandbags are very reasonable for obtaining additional water from layouts like rainwater or surplus from the fertile soil and releasing it.

  • Separation

These types of bags encourage the prevention of two coatings of the soil of several ranges of fraction sizes from blending it with additional types of coatings.

  • Filtration

These Bags are best eligible for backward filtration in the soil and it is about the Geotextile. Fine particles are available in every type of soil which are enabled to move appropriately.

  • Reinforcement

Heavy Geotextiles are normally used for enhancing earth structures for filling substances. Due to the higher coefficient of soil fabric friction. This also carries higher tensile stability and they are also deemed adequate for reinforcement solvents.

Mention the Applications of Geotextile Bags

As we have comprehended what are the Geotextile bags and what are their benefits. Now we will know its applications.

  • Farming Engineering
  • Environmental Protection
  • Formation of Wetland
  • Preservation of Water
  • River Engineering
  • Ramp Protection
  • Offshore Breakwater
  • Lawn Scape
  • Restraint of Erosion
  • Seaside Reclamation
  • Conservation from Flood

Mention the Specifications of these Bags

There are a few specifications of this type of bag which we have quoted below.

  • Storage Capacity – The storage capability of these bags are up to 126 mg and the size of this bag can be diversified as per the requirements of the Clients.
  • Standard Size – The common size of these bags extends from 1.03 meters to 0.7 meters.
  • Material – Woven/Non-Woven Geotextile Bags with the help of meltdown extrusion of fabric method.

Mention the Functions of Geotextile Bags

The excellent quality Sandbags are appropriately locked and restored with soil. These bags also comprise good stability and have a longer life. Some of the important functions of these bags are mentioned below.

  • These bags fulfil as the most beneficial filters which would detect varied elements to curb the drain from jamming.
  • These bags help to drain the regions of water pools by maintaining the soil in its proper place.
  • In numerous places like Beaches and Roads, these bags conserve and organize the guard against deterioration.
  • These Sandbags help the divergence of different coatings of substances and also keep them from collapsing or worsening into each other.

These bags can be utilized in Riverbank, Beach Protection and Breakwater.

Best Geotextile Bag Manufacturer

Singhal Industries is a well-known packaging bags builder in India. The company offer a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting packaging merchandise.

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