Get an Idea of all New Apps to Make your Home Secure

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You can add “making security of your home with the technology” to the list of tasks you can manage right from your smart phones these days.

A growing number of new home security apps now make it easy to monitor your home security from anywhere anytime.

So, which home security companies have an app that will work for you?

The choice you’re making is non-public—it’s primarily based on what you need from an expert monitoring device and how much you want to manipulate out of your phone—so we haven’t ranked them.

As a substitute, we took a deep observation of all of the first-rate domestic protection apps available on the market and drilled each of them right down to their professionals and cons, at the side of the precise features which could rely to you as you try to discover the fine domestic security healthy for you and your own home.

ADT Control App

The ADT Control application has a wide range of home automation control. This allows you to arm and disarm your system, see the recordings of your indoor and outdoor cameras, and even turn off small equipment such as coffee pots.

If you buy a more comprehensive package, this application works with Amazon Alexa, which is a rare feature in home security applications.


Protection Your Android device from Ransomware, Malware, and other threats using Malwarebytes advanced protection.

This can efficiently detect dangerous threats and remove it before your device is compromised.

Malwarebytes offers a real time shield and scans even for sophisticated phishing URLs when you use the Chrome browser. It also tells you if he detects something suspicious to ensure a safe browsing experience.

Vivint Smart Home App

If you are looking for an application that covers your entire smart home, Vivint may be the choice for you.

The company offers that this application allows you to monitor doorbell cameras, security cameras, smart thermostats such as nest sensors and elements, doors and windows, smoke detectors and more precisely from your smartphone, and the user says it corresponds to his words.

Even better, customers say the vivint interface is easy to use, and that the application offers flexibility when they don’t want to rush to the front door to welcome guests or don’t want to be tied to the wall panel of their home security system for monitoring.


Glasswire oversees the use of application data – you can see which application on your smartphone uses the most data (both in terms of upload and download), get instant warnings when new applications begin to communicate with the internet, and more.


One of the popular security applications – Vipe Android Security, is a good alternative. It puts the security of your device first by protecting 20,000+ malware and known viruses for Android.

This security application is packed with strong features such as the latest malware scanner with the latest Intel on different viruses.

Automatically scan all your applications after you install it. Web protection can detect dangerous things when you are busy exploring the web.

Frontpoint mobile application.

The front point starts with Universal home security application technology before adjusting it to serve Frontpoint customers.

Automatic DIY installation through cellular applications, and intuitive navigation menu features.

Previous versions of this application require customers to contact customer service every time they need to make changes to their application, but can now be done directly.

Norton App Lock

The passcode key application adds an extra security layer outside the main lock screen on your mobile, which can come very useful if you always share devices with colleagues, partners, or young relatives – they effectively seal parts of your mobile.

We have discussed this application in more detail here, but our favorite options on Android are Norton App Lock (at least because they come from brands that you can trust). Easy to use, completely free, and supports PIN, password, and pattern to unlock the application.


As the name suggests, Lookout is always always on “Lookout” for suspicious activities and threats.

For example, it warns you when your wifi will join dangerous or attacked. Also, this tells you where the applications are installed which access location, contacts, messages and other data.

Use this app for your outdoor security like for you Garages or Farm Buildings to secure your stuff. 

Simple home security application

Hope you can monitor access to the cabinet liquor or weapon when you are away from your home and your teen there?

The SimpleSafe Home Security application offers this feature and more. Arm and disarm your home alarm, watch videos directly through your security camera and set up some warnings for sensors throughout your house.


There are several applications that we use only a few times or just for one goal and then save what they are, so in those cases, it doesn’t make sense to keep permissions in full.

However, generally, there is no option to remove permissions, but fortunately there is an application for it.

Firefox Focus.

There is no feeling better than exploring without fear, and the focus of Firefox helps you achieve it.

This is an extraordinary browser that blocks various trackers while also deleting your history, password, and cookies.

As a result of blocking ads and unwanted trackers, you will be able to explore much faster. Because this application is powered by Mozilla, it’s completely free and gives you basic search rights personally.

Lifeshield application.

Lifeshield customers can arm and disarm their alarms from anywhere, plus their Lifeshield camera display access.

Apart from the view of the direct streaming camera and see the recording clip, the application has a feature that allows it to take snapshots.

The application upgrade now allows smart home integration with smart doors, lights, thermostats and outlet controls.

Check out Vivint pricing

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