Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor for Men: Review

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor

Today, we are going to review the Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor, which is known for its advanced technology and, of course, the placement of 5 blades. There is also a superior alternative to this razor, which is called Fusion® Power Razor which has battery power.

But here we are going to have a detailed discussion on the Fusion® Manual Razor and how it is best from the very popular Gillette Mach 3.

Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor Pricing and Packaging:

When it comes to packaging, the Gillette does their work in the best way by displaying their razor in bright orange color packaging that lets you have a clear view of the macho blue colored razor with shining five blades. The price of the Fusion® Manual Razor is approximately Rs. 325.

Hands-on Experience of Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor:

The Fusion manual razor is one of a kind as it comes with advanced five-blade technology. The first thing one notices in the razor is the number of blades.

While other razors from the Gillette company come with three blades, the Fusion manual razor has five high steel sharp blades placed very near to each other.

One of the main reasons behind this is it reduces the pressure on per blade when placed on the skin. Gillette promises that with Fusion, you will have a smoother shaving experience and almost zero tuggings of hair while shaving.

The second also the most exciting thing in the fusion manual razor is the precision trimmer placed on the backside of the razor.

So, it acts like an extra blade that removes those nasty little short hair that is left behind, especially on the upper lip section.

This section can also be used to groom your sideburns. So, if you have hair near nostrils that embarrass you, then this razor is efficient in cleaning them out for good.

The third thing on the razor is the comfort guard which is placed just below the five blades. It’s like a coarse blue cushion that lifts the facial hair so that each blade cuts the hair in one elegant stroke.

Gillette fusion manual razor works in a way, that one can get closer and comfortable shave even when you are cleaning a thick and hard beard.

To get the maximum efficiency from this razor, we advise you to use Gillette shaving gel or foam. The lather of the farm with softens the hair so the hair removal process gets easy.

My Take on Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor:

This razor is a real miracle if you have thick hair on your facial area. The Gillette Fusion® Manual Razor is designed to give a clean, close-cut shave without doing a hundred’s stroke in just one area. The precision trimmer is a smart move as it takes out the nostril’s hair without giving you a painful cut.

Shaving is much more comfortable with Fusion as it glides smoothly over your skin. Also, as you don’t have to use razor more than twice in one section, the skin becomes less dry and flaky compared to any other brand razor.

Another thing that makes this razor stand apart is its flexible head. The blade turns up and down as per the face structure removing the hair with precision. Overall the Gillette Fusion will give you a satisfying shave without any tugging of hair.

Overall, this is an excellent razor as the blades give your most exquisite shaving experience, the flexible head glides on the face, and the precision trimmer does the final finishing work.

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Even after giving all this, the Fusion manual razor is decently priced compared to any high-end electric shavers available in the market.