Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone, Director of Embassy Interiors

Giulia Baima Bollone

Interview with Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone, Director, Embassy Interiors

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone is the Director of Embassy Interiors- an endeavor focused towards breathing new life into living spaces.

Started in year 2018, Embassy Interiors is a combination of cutting edge technology, inspiring creativity and intricate attention to details.

Built on a legacy of excellence, the company provides bespoke interior design concepts, architecture design solutions, commercial office & retail interiors, soft furnishing, lightings, landscape and outdoor solutions, construction and project management.

Some of the successful projects are Embassy Boulevard Villas, Svasa Homes, Hiranandani, Ultra Luxury Salon, Embassy Lake Terraces and Lobby in Embassy tech Village.

Can you tell us about your background and how you got interested in interior design?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: I have lived a nomadic lifestyle wherein I was fortunate enough to travel constantly, around the world. Therefore, I have had a chance to observe and understand the various vernaculars of spaces and how one typology or space can be designed in innumerable ways and combinations.

This idea always fascinated and inspired me to learn more about different design languages and I would try and replicate the same in the safety of my own room. Thereby, leading me to pursue an education in architecture.

Kindly brief us about Embassy Interiors, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: Embassy Interiors, as it stands today is a coveted, independent but tight-knit company that consists of talented and experienced professionals, from architects, interior designers, engineers, and project managers devoted to solving the most complex quagmires to unravel project plans that are sound in terms of design as well as functionality and financially viable.

During our inception, we started off with catering to the design requirements of private Embassy Group clients, but as our team grew, we have flourished and now collaborate with multiple builders, and entities to avail different project typologies like residential, commercial, and retail.

In addition to design expertise, Embassy Interiors also have a copious network of consultants and vendors who collaborate to deliver quality products within a timeline.

Moreover, we are also building and executing architecturally viable independent properties for private clients and the scope is constantly expanding with a window of opportunity for growth, therefore, we are very excited about what’s next.

Can you describe a particularly challenging project you have worked on and how you overcome those challenges?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: When it comes to architecture and interior design, every project is a challenge- no matter the scale or typology.

Every project counts and builds you better for the next. It is a part of our jobs to solve prevailing problems and unforeseen issues on site, and this process is ameliorated by our diligent and adept team.

The team is not only erudite in attending to the demands of complex projects but also caters to the intricate details of design and construction, keeping in consideration the client’s requirements and propensities.

In case of any occlusion, our carefully structured team is capable of backing each other in the spirit of teamwork, to make sure of the best possible solution. I trust that every project is a learning experience and thereby making each project a unique challenge.

How do you work with clients to understand their needs and preferences and create a design that meets their expectations?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: Every user has a distinct taste in design that directly relates to their life experiences in a subconscious way.

Therefore, Embassy Interiors works towards understanding the client’s requirements with open conversations, meetings, and walkthroughs on-site- involving the client.

We also provide concepts with permutations and combinations of finishes, tactile looks, and pallets before commencing the design stage to resonate with the client’s palette.

Embassy Interiors has a tried and tested structure that has enabled us to cater to and successfully deliver multifarious projects, the gamut ranging from design and execution of luxury residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, and institutional typologies.

How do you incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly materials into your designs?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: Consumer behaviour and needs are ever-changing and there has been a rampant transition due to the pandemic.

Environmentally sustainable business practices and ecological footprints are becoming cardinal. As a conscious set of architects, interior designers, and engineers, there is an acute need to make sure that we’re protecting the environment.

Consumers are now more aware of sustenance. Designers are considering the long-term environmental impacts and life cycle of the materials with spectacular innovations and creative ways to resolve the impending issue.

Some of the notable shifts that are driving consumer needs like the use of thermal and blackout curtains, solar-powered lighting and heating, the use of natural and eco-friendly materials, redesigning and reusing along with punctuations of gardens and green spaces.

Can you tell us about any notable projects or collaborations you have been a part of?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: I must note that I have been very lucky in my career in terms of projects and collaborations. Firstly, I would like to stress the fact that all the projects are notable in one way or the other as it poses a new unique challenge and we must strive to put in the same effort in everything that we associate ourselves with.

As an individual, I have been a part of innumerable projects throughout my long journey as an architect and interior designer- the renovation of the facades of all the buildings in Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Turin – the largest historical squares in Europe, and so on.

I have now found myself leading Embassy Interiors which is a blend of all that I desire in an ideal role and workplace, as Embassy group provides us with an unbiased platform.  

We have collaborated with HNI clientele with our projects falling in variegated typologies. In addition to working on ultra-luxury residences and model units, the ultra-luxury salon, we are also currently in the process of executing our one-of-a-kind design for the Consulate Office of Italy in Bangalore.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in interior design?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: In tune with the spirit of innovation that characterizes Embassy Group, we are always seeking new ways to include innovative technology, inspiring creativity, and intricate attention to detail that engenders interior ideas into a breath-taking reality, with a lasting impression.

As a mindful set of architects and designers, we must follow through with trends in vogue, by understanding the need of the hour and solving variegated problems.

With the burgeoning value of the internet, we can browse the latest trends with a click, and understand the pros and cons of anything we desire in terms of design characters.

We also stay in the loop with leading mavens of the industry and subscribe to helpful design platforms and upcoming brands, along with exploring local vendors and trends on foot to promote the artisanal talents of our current vernacular.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: As I explained in the aforementioned excerpts, every project presents an obstacle. What looks workable and functional on paper may not be as simple while executing the same on-site.

Therefore, we have worked hard to build a structure in our team where we help each other by practicing positive communication.

Additionally, it is also important to be patient and manage time in an efficient way to engender a desirable output.

A design problem has multiple solutions and choosing one will eventually leave you questioning if the other was in fact better.

And there is no end to this thought in this expeditious world. I would say, that is the inevitable grey area. Hence, my suggestion is to put your best foot forward and be confident in arriving at an answer to various problems.

What advice do you have for someone looking to pursue a career in interior design?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: I strongly believe that it is complicated and almost incomplete to just understand interior design. It is important to first understand the pragmatism of architecture, and construction, first before we go ahead with the aesthetic values.

There are a lot more ergonomics, user experience, and details that one must pay attention to in order to excel in this profession.

That, I trust comes from being open to learning, not only academically, but also along the course of life and career.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Ms. Giulia Baima Bollone: My motto has always been to work with passion and for passion. View this journey, as a step-by-step process, wherein every task is an opportunity for growth allowing a few plunges over time.

Also, it is cardinal to understand the value of team spirit, as it eases a lot of complications when we crack the positives of each individual and thrive from it by respecting the roles of all the members and appreciating it’s value.

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