How GoMechanic, Car Repair Company Tripled Their Business in Just 5 Years

gomechanic Founders
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GoMechanic Startup Story

Five years ago, a Gurugram-based startup, GoMechanic was just a small car repair company with big dreams.

Thanks to their focus on quality customer service and innovative marketing strategies, they have managed to triple their business in a short years!

In this success story, we will take a closer look at the tactics that GoMechanic used to achieve such success, and how you can apply them to your own business.

How did GoMechanic start?

GoMechanic was founded in 2016 by four friends (Kushal Karwa, Rishabh Karwa, Nitin Rana, Amit Bhasin) who were looking for a better car repair experience.

They were unhappy with the high prices and poor customer service they had been experiencing at local garages, so they decided to start their own company.

GoMechanic Founders

Kushal Karwa, serial entrepreneur

Kushal Karwa is the co-founder of GoMechanic, a car repair company that has managed to triple its business in just two years.

He is a MBA graduate of IIM Ahmedabad. Prior to starting GoMechanic, Kushal worked as a strategy consultant.

Rishabh Karwa, co-founder

Rishabh Karwa, co-founder of GoMechanic. From starting out with a few hundred customers to tripling their business in just two years, GoMechanic has come a long way.

Rishabh attributes this success to their commitment to quality and customer service. By providing a convenient, affordable, and reliable car repair service, has managed to win over the hearts of drivers all across Delhi-NCR.

Nitin Rana, co-founder

Nitin Rana is the co-founder. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Nitin has always been passionate about cars and started his career as a car mechanic. He is the head of operations at GoMechanic and has been instrumental in its growth.

Amit Bhasin, co-founder

Amit Bhasin is the co-founder of this car repair startup. He has been in the transportation industry for over a decade and has successfully helped grow his company into one of the fastest growing companies in India.

Today, this startup is one of the leading car repair companies in India. They have a vast network of garages spread across Delhi-NCR and are constantly expanding their reach to new cities

One of the things that helped set GoMechanic apart from the competition was their focus on quality. They only use OEM parts, and all of their mechanics are ASE-certified.

This commitment to quality has earned them a reputation for being one of the best car repair shops in town.

Kushal Karwa, CEO of GoMechanic says “Our customers are the most important thing to us. We make sure that each one gets treated like family when they walk through our doors.”

Another way the car repair company has set themselves apart from other car repair shops is by offering free pick-up and delivery service within a five-mile radius of their shop.

This allows customers to get their car repaired without having to leave it at the shop, and it also eliminates the hassle of having to find a ride home.

The car repair company has been successful in marketing their business through word-of-mouth and social media. They have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and they are always looking for ways to engage their customers and keep them updated on the latest news and promotions.

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GoMechanic has a number of private investors, who have been with the company since its early days. These investors come from a variety of backgrounds, including automotive and technology.

GoMechanic is also backed by leading venture capitalists, who are excited about the company’s potential to change the way people get their cars serviced.

In 2019, The Gurugram-based startup raised ₹35 crore in a Series A round, led by Orios Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.

In December, The company raised a further ₹105 crore from Chiratae Ventures and their existing investors including Orios Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital.

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