Grand Lighting plan elevates the interiors of hotels and transforms it into a luxury haven

decorative lighting

The prestige evaluation of an hotel is largely based on its exquisite, tasteful interiors. The appealing visual elegance instantly captivates the guests attentions and sets them into the right mood.

The ambience and the environment plays a vital role into making the hotel a perfect place for anyone to feel comfortable and a part  of well-designed luxury.

But most importantly, even to highlight these beautiful art interiors, a very well done up lighting is a core must.

With the correct lighting, the entire place comes to life in many folds. Out of which the most dynamic aspect of lighting comes only with decorative chandelier installations.

These decorative chandeliers are definitely the game changers into the hotel industry. Choosing the correct design component that compliments the interiors gives the hotel it’s depth and redefines its versatility.

It illuminates the space into a timeless luxury, transcending one’s mind into a different time.

Along with the design aspect, these decorative lighting come with light source of LEDs. These LEDs are most energy-efficient way of lighting – they have an 80-90% efficiency, that is their energy is turned into light rather than heat.

I ncandescent bulbs lose 80% of their energy as heat and so are only 20% efficient. LEDs don’t contain any toxic compounds or elements like mercury.

They are also 100% recyclable; using LED lights will help to reduce the carbon footprint by a third.

The fact that they last on average 35 times more than a halogen – means that they also save on material and production costs. One such brand existing in the lighting industry is Sans Souci Lighting.

The brand Sans Souci is one of kind decorative lighting. It’s bespoke luxury speaks not just about its craft, but the transforming experience it gives to people upon seeing it in person.

The brand stands for ultimate sophistication, quality and style. It’s proved to be a total visual treat that one can anticipate.

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In these past 15 years, hotel projects with Sans Souci decorative lighting installations have brought about the accentuating factors for their lobbies and have garnered quite the media attention and has also become tourists go-to destination stays, thus giving an extraordinary experience.