Green Smoothie for Weight Loss – Healthy Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

What is a green smoothie? 

Green smoothies are healthy drinks that consist of 40-50% green vegetables. They are also made up of raw green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, celery, swiss chard or broccoli etc.

It is also adding up with wheatgrass and spirulina that are healthy ingredients. Many times green vegetable gives a bitter taste.

So we can change it with less bitter vegetables according to taste or we can also combine it with banana for a fluffy and soft texture. Green smoothies are full of protein and minerals.

These drinks made up of pure raw fruits and vegetables that are good for health. This liquid-based drink is good for health because it has all the goodness of fruits and vegetables, which includes vitamins and minerals.

It made up of fruit juices, dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, ice cream, or cottage cheese. It can also be made up of other ingredients, such as non-dairy products, crushed ice, chocolate, nutritional supplements, sweeteners (honey or sugar). It all depends upon personal choice. 

The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Weight Loss Program

It is thicker than juices because it includes dietary fibre (e.g. pulp, skin, and seeds). You can find its consistency similar to a milkshake. 

It is full of nutrients because they are made up of vegetables, and it is said that they are healthier than a milkshake.

If you want a healthful smoothie! it all depends upon the ingredients and in how much proportion they are using.

For dieting, many smoothies contain a large number of fruits and vegetables. Those are good for a healthy diet and meal replacement.

It is healthy as they contain fruit, vegetable juices, and milk products. Sometimes its intake promotes weight gain.

As we add some items that help in weight gain, like ice cream, sweeteners etc. to make it with the flavour we add different intakes that reduce calories.

Thickness and optional ingredients

Mostly the thickness is depending upon the ratio of liquids to solids. If you want to thicken, you can add fruits according to that, some people add additional supplement powder to add thickness.

If you want more liquid consistency, you add fruits and vegetables without adding any milk product or ice cream.

Topping, Garnish, and Appearance

To make it attractive, you can also garnish with chopped mint leaves or with sliced lemon. For marketing, you have to present it more attractive so that it looks tempting to drink.

Difference between smoothies and shake

The shake contains milk, ice cream, chocolate syrup and other additives. It contains additional cream and a large amount of sugar and ice cream.

But smoothies are made up of raw fruit and vegetables that don’t have dairy or sugar contents. In smoothie natural sugar is used like honey and fruits that contains sugar.

Smoothie vs Juice

Smoothies are made up of whole fruit and vegetable juices that are blended or mixed. It is a whole fruit and vegetable blended with the roughage, skin, seed and other parts that left out after juicing. 

Juices are made up of fruits that and blended but they don’t carry any roughage. It contains only liquid parts. While smoothie contains all parts of fruits and vegetables. That is why it is thicker and contain fibre.

Which Is Better for You?

For health benefits both are good, but when you see the processor, you will find the smoothie healthier and advantageable. 

Let’s see the example so that we can check how it happens

When we make juice in a juicer, what the juicer use to do is. It takes out all the juice from the roughage and fibre. Juicing is good for people who had limited digestive capacity or also for ill people.

But in smoothies has added benefits, as it contains fibre and has a solid source of protein and fat. In smoothies, we blend it with whole fruit with seed, skin and other roughage. It contains all goodies of vegetables and fruits.

Common citrus fruit contains a high concentration of natural sugar that can cause blood sugar. Juices must be supplemented with additional food if a micro-nutrient profile is desired.

But a fresh smoothie didn’t need any type of supplement as they have generally a higher nutritional value.

Categories and Types of Smoothies

It is from 100 years back. People are making it for a long time back and in-between time new ingredients came and led to the development of types of categories of smoothies. 

Let’s discuss the different smoothies that are roughly divided.

Fruit Smoothies

This smoothie is made up of fruit with added all parts like- seeds, roughage, fibre.

Green Smoothies

These smoothies are dark green. This dark colour is due to the colour of vegetables. Green smoothies are made up of vegetables that are good for health. Like- spinach, bottle guard etc.

Healthy Smoothies 

Smoothies that provide a good amount of macro-nutrients intending to replace supplement foods and have a good amount of nutrients is a healthy smoothie. These smoothies have several related fruits and vegetables, that is according to your body.

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

These smoothies are focused on your weight and made up accordingly. Weight loss smoothies are strict to “no” for added sugar.

They minimize the overall glycemic load of the smoothie. These smoothies also contain things that help to reduce weight and sometimes add healthy fats like flax seeds or almond butter to satiate one’s appetite.

Make Smoothies for Weight Loss

They also add caffeine-based stimulants to promote weight loss by both reducing appetite and increasing metabolism.

Dessert smoothies 

In dessert smoothies, we have to work on taste, so this is added with sugar in a form of ice cream. In many smoothies, we create it dessert-like beverage by adding cholate syrup and additional flavours. Which taste like a shake.

By smoothie, you can lose weight more healthily. They contain lots of fibre, roughage, proteins and fats that are good for health. 

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So, if you want to reduce your weight more healthily, you can go for a smoothie. It is parallel to the meal.