gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle, Portable Easy to Carry USB Powered Rechargeable Small Lightweight Juicer

gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle
gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle

gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle

Juicing and blending have always been typical and cumbersome work. They have always created a mess and increased the work of cleaning. But now no more mess issue.

A Quick and hassle-free solution for all the blending problems is an innovative technology by GREATERSCAP home. 

They have designed a portable electric juicer blender that makes your work easy and effective without the need for extra kitchen appliances. It is available in multi colors with 6 rechargeable blades.

The blade is made of stainless steel material that makes it extra strong and reliable and the six-blade is always an easy and quick way of blending ingredients to give you the perfect smooth texture. 

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The home portable electric juicer is a smart choice for smart people who love to relish fresh juices everywhere they go.

gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle is handy and hassle-free and occupies less space and makes fresh juices in no time. It helps you to live a healthier lifestyle. It is not only a blender but more to it. It is classy yet stylish. A perfect choice for health-conscious people. 

gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle Benefits

  • The battery lasts for 10+ blends and gets recharged quickly via laptop points, power banks, and even car USB devices.
  • The product is compact yet powerful in performance.
  • It is convenient to use and a stress-free blender.
  • The portable electric juicer can be used to blend vegetables, fruits to make desired juices and smoothies. It retains the freshness and nutrition present in the food.
  • It is super easy to use and clean.
  • It is the safest blender with magnetic sensing and ultra protection.
  • It is water-resistant with a C-port that makes it easier to power up.

Specifications of gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle

  • The product is available in multi colors.
  • The material used is plastic.
  • Item dimensions are 9*9*24
  • It operates in 200 watts
  • The blade material is made of stainless steel.
  • The product weighs 200 gms.
  • It comes with a USB cable


There are no such drawbacks for the product but it needs to be fully charged before use. It takes 2-3 hours to get fully charged. It can be idly used 10-12 times. It needs to turn off every 5-7secs. Make sure to use small chunks of fruits or vegetables of your choice.

gs GREATERSCAP Juicer Cum Drinking Bottle Reviews

Customers regard this product as very useful and effective. They feel it is very convenient to use. It has made their lifestyles healthier. There is no mess that was earlier being created due to heavy juicers and blenders.

Juice making is now fun and easy. One of the reviewers regarded the product as super safe and super effective while going for road trips. It is the most healthy choice they can ever make. 

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Few customers were of the view that the product takes a huge time to get charged and the process is not smooth.

While on contradictory some customers reviewed the portable electric juicer and blender as the most lovable item. The product is compact and light-weighted. It is easy to charge anywhere using USB devices.

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