Guide on How to Buy Gold Easily For Beginners

How to Buy Gold

For ages, gold has been the most popular form of investment and it still takes the lead compared to other precious metals.

This metal is portable, fungible, and doesn’t lose its value even in times of market turbulence. It is also easily accessible as long as you can afford it.

Nevertheless, if you are buying gold for the first time getting the right product can be a bit challenging.

First and foremost, know how you want your gold. There are different ways to buy gold including physical metal, EFTS, gold mining stock, and futures.

This is a simple how to buy gold Metal Resource guide that can help anyone get started in this form of investment.

Buying physical gold

Decide what type of investment-grade gold bullion you want to buy

You can choose to purchase either gold bars, coins, or jewelry. Historically, people have been using coins as a medium of trade and still do to date.

This is because gold coins tend to retain the most value in addition to their gold content. If you choose to purchase gold bars make sure they are approximately 99.99 percent pure.

The price of gold jewelry, on the other hand, differs depending on its craftsmanship and the amount of gold in it. This is something you should keep in mind when purchasing a gold piece.

Choose the weight

Keep in mind that, the price of the metal is determined by its overall weight. Basically, the higher the weight the greater the price.

The weight of gold coins and bullion bars is measured and sold by the ounce. For example, bullions are sold in form of 1 oz, 10oz, and 100 oz bars.

Coins on the other hand are sold in four weights ranging from 0.10 oz to 1 Oz. You can also purchase smaller gold bars from as little as 1 gram in your local pawn shops or some jewelry stores.

Find a dealer

You can choose to purchase your metal from a bank, brokerage firm, jewelers, or the government.

You may also decide to purchase your gold online or at an auction. However, when looking for a dealer, there are key things you must consider. This includes gold dealers’ reputation, licensing, credentials, quality certifications among others.

If you choose to purchase gold jewelry, choose a reputable store that has been running for many years. Auctioneers on the other hand sell their items “as is” so you would want to ascertain their value.

Determine the current market price

Knowing the current price of the metal will help you make a sober purchase. It will also make the resale process easier.

Luckily, there are various sites online where you can source information on the current spot price for gold and other precious metals. When buying coins or bars, get them at or below the prevailing market price.

Other prices to consider include, shipping fees, purchase minimums, and quantity discounts if any. keep in mind that, these charges may vary from one dealer to another. Read more here

look for a safe storage

If you choose to purchase physical metals, you will need safe storage space. This is a key aspect of investing in gold.

You can store your metal in a home safe, a safe deposit box, or a depository. To be on the safe side, make sure the storage is dry and waterproof.

Buying gold gold-backed securities

Gold-backed securities exempt you from storage costs given that you don’t deal with the actual metal. if you decide to go this route, here is what you need to know.

Gold features

If you decide to invest in gold features, it is important to note that this strategy is more of a speculation or gambling.

Keep in mind that, gold features are primarily for short-term investors, who wish to make quick money.

As such, they can be highly volatile. Experts recommend the need to plan diligently before investing in them. Also, have a gold feature contract.

Gold ETFs

ETFs are normally bought from a stockbroker. They aim at tracking gold and silver prices and are almost similar to derivative contracts.

The only difference between the two is that with ETFs you don’t get to keep the physical metals. Likewise, the term of investment is generally short-term making it less risky.

Gold mutual funds

Gold mutual funds involve investing in gold mining or refining companies’ stocks. You can purchase mutual funds via an online stock trading app or a brokerage.

Mutual funds are considered the best option for beginners who wish to invest in gold. However, mutual funds fees tend to be higher than those of ETFs since they are usually actively managed.

Gold mining stocks

Gold mining stocks involve buying gold stocks from a mining company directly. The returns for gold mining stocks are most likely to be higher than that of physical gold. This is because mining companies can expand their [production and minimize costs. Click here to read more.


There are various places you can source your metal including online stores. However, before you opt for a particular supplier, be sure to compare various prices and features of the product.

Features of different gold and gold investment options vary so, investors need to evaluate them along with their financial goals before investing.

It is also important to understand the current market situation before purchasing the metal. Usually, during times of market turbulence, the prices of gold rises.

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generally, gold is among the most lucrative form of investment, all you need to do is to find the most suitable way to invest in it.