Guide to Choosing the Right Tiles Brand in India


Looking for the perfect tiles brand in India? This comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision and choose the right one for your needs.

Finding the right tiling solutions for your home or office may seem like a cakewalk. However, the moment you set foot in the selection gallery you’d be surprised by the number of options and a wide range of solutions for each area.

You can gauge the scale of the choices with one simple fact that you can use more than five different types of titles within a high-rise apartment. That is without counting the areas outside the apartment door.

This is why when it comes to choosing the right ceramic and vitrified tile brand in India, there are several factors to consider. Here is a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision:

Brand Reputation

Conduct thorough research on various tile manufacturers. Look for brands with a good reputation and positive customer feedback. Check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to gauge the satisfaction level of previous customers.

Also, read the brand’s story to understand its origin and benchmarks. This should tell you about their experience and standards for a particular tile category.

Understand Tile Quality & Standards

Assess the quality of tiles produced by the manufacturer. Consider their adherence to quality standards, certifications, and manufacturing processes. Look for brands that prioritize quality control at every stage of production to ensure durable and long-lasting tiles.

Few tile quality and characteristics standards followed across the world:

  • Surface Hardness

An important factor to consider for floor tiles used in parking and other heavy traffic areas. Surface hardness is measured on the Mohs scale ranging from 1 to 10, where 10 is the hardest (equivalent to natural diamond).

  • Tile Durability or Strength

Ceramic or vitrified tile’s durability is measured by PEI rating. PEI scale ranges from 0 to 5, where 5 is reserved for the strongest tiles.

Tiles with PEI 0-rated tiles are suitable for wall applications only, PEI 1 to 2 for floor areas with light foot traffic, while tiles with PEI 3 – 4 ratings are good for residential floors. Commercial or outdoor spaces should use PEI 4 and 5-rated tiles for flooring.

  • Surface Resistance / Anti-Skid Properties

Ceramic and vitrified tiles can be purpose-built for wet and slippery areas, like bathroom floors, parking ramps, etc. These tiles must feature a higher surface resistance than normal floor tiles.

This resistance is measured using DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) or R-value. In India, you will find leading tile producers like H&R Johnson using the R-value to describe the surface resistance of the tile. R-value can range from R9 to R13.

Here, R9 and R10 are recommended for residential usage, including bathroom settings. The higher R-rated tiles are suitable for commercial and industrial applications including parking, public spaces, etc.

Tile manufacturers who provide and follow these tile standards can offer better and more reliable products than those who don’t.

Product Range and Innovation

While ceramic tiles sound like a simple product of baked clay, final products, and their suitability for a variety of specialised usage makes this a complex product line. So, you can focus on finding one of the two kinds of tile brands in India:

  • Those with a wide range of tile solutions and products
  • Those with a specialised product range

The top tile brands in India like H&R Johnson and Kajaria Tiles offer more than 3000 different types of tiles. The tile variety ranges from different tile types, sizes, colours, finishes, and patterns. The best tile brands must offer the following types of tiles for you to choose from:

Design and innovation are part of any modern product company and tile manufacturers are not exempt. So, checking for the latest design launches and products from the brands should give you a clue about their quality and assurance.

Manufacturing Facilities

Consider the manufacturer’s manufacturing facilities and technology. Advanced machinery and processes contribute to better quality control and consistent tile production. A manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities is more likely to deliver high-quality tiles.

Top tile brands in India try to cover different territories with localised manufacturing of tiles. Thus, they end up with several tile plants across the country. This also becomes easy to check if the brand uses modern equipment and machinery.

Research & Development

Additionally, consider their commitment to innovation and staying up-to-date with design trends. Consider the brand’s design capabilities and commitment to innovation. Look for brands that not only stay up-to-date with the latest design trends but also have R&D facilities in India.

This ensures that you have access to modern and aesthetically pleasing tiles for your project. Latest tile manufacturing technologies offer more efficient production processes, less wastage of resources and more environment-friendly operations.

Indigenous R&D facilities are the most effective denominator for finding the top tile brands in India.

Customer Support & Services

Assess the manufacturer’s customer support and services. Look for manufacturers that offer excellent customer assistance, including technical support, product information, and after-sales services. A responsive and helpful customer service team can address any queries or concerns you may have.

The best tile brands often provide you with adequate information for tile usage and avoid installation errors. This will include base preparation tips and grouting ideas for different tiles and areas.

Pricing and Value

Compare pricing among different manufacturers while considering the value offered. Avoid compromising on quality for a lower price. Look for manufacturers that offer a balance between quality and affordability, providing value for your investment.

Locally manufactured tiles perform better, last longer and are priced more reasonably for the most part. That’s why a tile manufacturer with a nearby manufacturing facility is more likely to offer a better price for the same tile quality.

The top tile brands in India will declare the technical details of the tile in the package. For example, water absorption, body strength, surface resistance, surface quality, suitable usage, etc.

One of the leading tile producers in India, H&R Johnson, provides you with the benchmarking details as well as their product ratings for the same features.

Sustainability and Ethics

Consider the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Look for manufacturers that prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, environmentally friendly production processes, and waste management.

Choosing a manufacturer with sustainable practices contributes to a greener and more responsible industry. Certifications like GreenPro and the application of other environmental management systems like ISO-14001 represent the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Tile Brand in India with Expert Guidance

Careful consideration of these factors allows you to select the best tile brand in India that aligns with your requirements for quality, variety, innovation, customer support, and sustainability. Along with the information, you can find and visit the nearest experience centres for the tile brands.

The experience centres give you first-hand experience and information about the brand’s product lines. You can also consult with the tile experts at these brands to address your particular home or industrial tiling needs.

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