Haircuts that will flatter your face shape

Haircuts for oval faces

Are you thinking of changing your hairstyle? Want something new and different? Before you go to the stylist with a picture, you should check the shape of your face.

It may not sound so important to you, but your face shape is the first thing you should consider when trying new haircuts.

Some things that look good on your friend or a celebrity are not necessarily going to look good on you too. But, with a bit of research, you can be the best version of yourself.

Determine your face shape

If you are trying to find a flattering hairstyle, there are simple ways to determine your face shape.

You can tie your hair in a ponytail and look in the mirror or take pictures with your phone. Try to follow the outer lines and see what shape they are forming.

If you are not sure, there are a lot of free applications online that you could use. Your face could also be a mix between two shapes, so go ahead and experiment.

There are six basic categories, and your face should fall into one of them: long face, square face, an oval face, diamond-shaped face, heart-shaped face, and round face.

Haircuts for long faces

Short hair can be a good choice for this face shape. It is going to make your face look more elegant. On the other side, try to stay away from straight, dull hairstyles without volume.

They will only lengthen your face and can look dull. Instead, it needs to look broader, so layered haircuts that look airy and voluminous could help create that illusion.

If trying bangs is something that you are thinking of doing, go ahead. They can do wonders, too.

You could also consider adding some color since it will give your hair more depth and make your face shine.

Haircuts for square faces

In this case, bone structure is strong and visible. Wide cheekbones, broad forehead, and strong jawline need something that will divert attention from them.

Side-swept bangs could do the trick. Also, consider long and wispy layers. Shoulder-length hair and volume at the crown of the head will soften some of the features. 

Texture is your friend so play with it. Curls of any size or choppy ends can make your face glow. Natural hair colors are also an excellent choice for a flowy and impeccable look.

Haircuts for oval faces

People with oval faces are lucky because almost every hairstyle suits them. You can choose from many hairstyles, lengths, and hair colors.

Since nearly everything suits you, find something unique that will show your creativity. Consider different colors, both natural and pastel tones.

If your hair is short, try clip-in hair extensions for longer hair of good quality. Play with styles and lengths until you find the one that you like the most.  Have some fun and you might be amazed by the results!

Haircuts for diamond-shaped faces

If you have this face shape, think of it as an actual diamond because it is very versatile. Your cheekbones are probably the widest part of your face, and your forehead and jawline are the same widths.

In addition, you probably have a cute, narrow chin. All these features make your face symmetrical, and therefore, there is a variety of suitable styles for you.

With no balancing needed, you can opt for side-swept bangs or choose a structured bob. Either way, this face shape is very adaptable and you won’t make a mistake whatever you choose.

Haircuts for heart-shaped faces

This face type is broader at the hairline and has a narrow, pointed chin. However, if your face has a shape like this, you have one significant advantage.

Your cheekbones are probably to die for. With that in mind, you should focus on trying to draw attention to them and your eyes. 

Wavy hair and voluminous bangs will soften your hairline and emphasize your eyes. Slicked back ponytail or high-top not would look great on you on special occasions when you want to look elegant and classy.

Haircuts for round faces

Often called “baby faces,” round types of faces mean that you probably look younger. This feature is great because you can opt for youthful hairstyles.

However, since your face has the same width and length, your primary goal is to make it look as elongated and oval as possible.

Try not to hide your face behind a lot of hair since it will have the opposite effect. Short hair is incredibly flattering for this face shape.

If you like to experiment, try popular lob or do a short pixie cut. You can always pull your hair up into a ponytail since it is going to elongate your face.

Whatever your choice and style may be, remember that you can look good only if you feel good. It might look like there are many rules for styling your hair accordingly to your face shape.

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However, those are all just guidelines. Pick a haircut that you like and that is making you feel good and beautiful.