Interview with Hari Raman: Creator of PVS Gaming, Animeta Creator

Hari Raman

An exclusive interview with Hari Raman, Creator of PVS Gaming, Animeta Creator

In the dynamic world of gaming and entertainment, few individuals have made as profound an impact as Hari Raman, the visionary creator behind PVS Gaming and the mastermind behind Animeta. With a relentless passion for innovation and a deep-rooted understanding of the gaming and animation industry, Hari Raman has emerged as a trailblazer, redefining the boundaries of what is possible in the realms of interactive entertainment.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the creative genius behind these groundbreaking ventures, gaining unique insights into his journey, inspirations, and the exciting future he envisions for the gaming and animation worlds. Join us as we uncover the mind behind the magic that is Hari Raman.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with PVS Gaming?

I am a doctor and I have always been fascinated by games for as long as I can remember. As a child, I used to save pocket money and go to the internet cafés in my town to play games. I never thought I’d be running a successful YouTube channel. I just pursued gaming as a hobby and as I invested more time into it, it just became more than a hobby eventually.

PVS Gaming has a massive following on YouTube. What inspired you to create a gaming channel, and how did you manage to grow it to 2.64 million subscribers?

I did my UG in the state of Gujarat. During my initial days, I found it really hard to connect with my peers because I didn’t speak their language and my English was poor. Gaming was a means to keep myself engaged and make new friends who had similar interests.

A few of my friends from college noticed how I was always busy playing games and someone suggested I should put my gaming content on YouTube and see if people like it and so I did. Looking back, that was a really great decision I took.

I uploaded a few videos and noticed quite soon that people were liking my videos. That served as a big motivation. I continued to post videos regularly and eventually the channel grew and here we are today.

Your content is known for being funny and in Tamil. What motivated you to focus on this specific niche within the gaming community?

Humour has always been part of my personality. Throughout my life, I’d observed that people are constantly looking for reasons to laugh. Some light hearted fun never hurt anyone. And humour keeps you engaged. People spend more time watching your videos if it’s engaging and humour is a way of keeping people engaged.

Also, it’s about keeping it real. I don’t have a different personality in real life and online. I am what I am. And I try to be authentic. People appreciate that. I also have tried to share everything I’ve learnt about games with my viewers. Eventually, they started seeing me as a brotherly figure which was something I really valued

Could you describe the type of content you create on PVS Gaming? Do you primarily focus on gameplay, reviews, tutorials, or vlogs, or do you dabble in all of these?

I try not to keep my content  monotonous. So I share everything, from game play, to content about my life, my career as a doctor. Sometimes I post from the hospital and share my daily life as a doctor. Other times I share content about some recent trips.

The idea is to show the audience that I am a normal person too with a very ordinary life. I just followed my passion but I didn’t give up on my studies. That’s the advice I share with my subscribers too.

Invest 2 hours daily on this but focus on your primary career until you have reached a point where you can pursue a career in gaming. Financial security is important, so careful planning is essential.

How do you stay enthusiastic about gaming and sports, especially as a content creator? What keeps you motivated to create new and engaging content regularly?

It’s the subscribers that keep me motivated. They know I’m always open to feedback and criticism. And I have always prioritized that feedback. I see what they’re asking for and try to incorporate their suggestions in my content. I want to see e sports become big in India. And I’m doing my part to popularize it. That’s also another source of motivation.

What advice would you give to aspiring gamers and content creators who are looking to build their presence and influence in the gaming community?

Few pieces of advice that I have-  Be consistent. Consistency will eventually yield results.

Keep it real and always be open to feedback. Your audience knows what you are capable of. Take criticism positively. Always have a plan b. Something traditional like a college degree that can get you a stable job.

Are there any upcoming projects or exciting developments that your fans and followers can look forward to from PVS Gaming?

For now, let’s keep the suspense going. But I’ll definitely tell you this much. I’ve noticed there aren’t too many e sports enthusiasts from the south. I’m trying to change that.

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