Harpic Power Plus – One Stop Solution for All Toilet Cleaning Needs

Harpic Power Plus - Maintain a Clean and Sparkling Toilet
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Harpic Power Plus – Maintain a Clean and Sparkling Toilet

Spotlessly cleaned toilets reflect immaculate hygiene standards. Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers play a significant role in keeping toilets spotless and germ-free.

Bathrooms are the place that needs to be organized, tidy especially the toilet bowl. To maintain such hygiene standards, a good toilet cleaner plays a huge role.

Harpic Power Plus is India’s number one company in manufacturing bathroom hygiene products.

Harpic Power Plus – Effective Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Frequent usage of toilet bowls becomes the breeding place of germs that can cause serious bacterial infection.

It is important to use a good toilet cleaner such as Harpic Power Plus to get rid of stains, bad smell, and scaling.

There are many products available in the market which promise to do all this but one needs to pick a product that works effectively even when a small quantity is used.

Unlike simple soapy water or basic acid, toilet cleaners are made with special chemicals and ingredients that work on stains, deposits, remove organic encrustations and foul smell.

All you have to do is twice or thrice a week, just pour the necessary amount on the sides of the toilet bowl. Wait for a few minutes for this liquid to work on stains.

Use a good toilet cleaning brush to clean the entire bowl and flush down everything. You will notice that the bowl is cleaned and any clogging in the pipeline is also removed without much of a hassle.

This is the way you don’t have to worry about any bacteria infestation and the toilet bowl will remain clean for a few days until you have to repeat the process.

Best Deodorizing Agent:

Often even washing the toilet bowl, the foul smell linger in the bathroom. You can always have a good deodorizer in the bathroom to make it smell fresh but the foul smell is often an indication of bacterial growth.

When you shop for a good bathroom deodorizer, pick the Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner that will act as a shield in the pot from bacteria and also deodorize the entire bathroom.

Best way to Clean Toilet:

No one likes to clean the toilet bowl as it’s often a task done while inhaling foul smell and cleaning stuff that your eyes don’t wish to see.

So, when you are on your knee trying to remove toilet stains using plain soapy water, stop and pick the Harpic Power Plus.

With a few simple steps, you will be able to achieve a sparkling toilet bowl with minimum efforts.

  1. Pick the cleaner which is specifically designed for toilet bowls. Most of the people try to use phenyl, bathroom cleaner, and even washing soap to clean toilets.
  2. If you wish to maintain sanitization, then pick a cleaner for the toilet bowl. The shape of the bottle should have a slightly tilted neck with a nozzle that easily gets under the rim where the scaling occurs.
  3. Choose a hard bristle brush that is designed to remove hard stains from the toilet pot.
  4. If you are dealing with tough stains that are due to scaling then you might need a good toilet cleaner.
  5. Never use a metal scraper or pumice stone as it will damage the porcelain surface.
  6. If the hard bristle brush is not able to fully remove the scaling which is clogging the flush, then pour Harpic Power Plus from the edges of the pot and let it overnight soak the surface.
  7. The chemicals in the cleaner will soften and remove the deposits. Never mix any other strong chemical with cleaner as this might prove to be hazardous for the bowl.
  8. Just wear rubber gloves before cleaning the bowl in the morning to avoid injury.

A good cleaner like Harpic Power Plus is always useful to clean toilet pots as removing stains becomes super easy, the toilet gets deodorized and sanitized at the same time.

Instead of wasting money on too many products, buy a cleaner from a reputed company to get rid of bathroom vows.

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