Interview with Harshita Shukla, Corporate Trainer and Founder of Green Essence Training & Management

Harshita Shukla

An exclusive interview with Harshita Shukla, Corporate Trainer and Founder of Green Essence Training & Management

Welcome to this illuminating interview with Ms. Harshita Shukla, an accomplished Corporate Trainer and the visionary Founder of Green Essence Training & Management. With a passion for nurturing personal and professional growth, Ms. Shukla has carved a remarkable path in the world of corporate training, empowering individuals and organizations alike to flourish.

Through Green Essence Training & Management, she has cultivated a unique approach that blends her deep understanding of human behavior with sustainable business practices.

In this interview, we have the privilege of delving into Ms. Shukla’s insights, experiences, and the innovative strategies she employs to cultivate a harmonious synergy between personal development and business success.

Could you share the journey that led you to become an entrepreneur, author, and corporate trainer? What inspired you to take these paths?

Harshita Shukla: My journey towards becoming an entrepreneur, author, and corporate trainer has been shaped by a series of meaningful experiences. Starting as a sales executive at a small firm, I steadily moved through various roles, never shying away from any opportunity, no matter how small it seemed.

This path eventually led me to establish my own company, Green Essence Training & Management. Along the way, I drew inspiration from my mother’s unwavering support and encouragement to strive for success.

Your company, Green Essence Training, and Management, focuses on empowering individuals and organizations. Can you elaborate on your approach and philosophy toward coaching and mentorship?

Harshita Shukla: At Green Essence Training & Management, my coaching and mentoring approach is rooted in understanding the unique needs of each individual or organization. By assessing their current knowledge and learning preferences, I tailor my guidance to best facilitate their growth.

I firmly believe in setting clear goals and expectations and then assisting my mentees in devising actionable plans to achieve them.

Your expertise includes corporate training in the real estate industry. What specific challenges and opportunities do you see in this sector, and how do your programs address them?

Harshita Shukla: The real estate industry poses several challenges, such as the rising costs of construction materials, dependence on physical labor, and limited funding opportunities. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards remote work have reshaped the sector.

However, these challenges also present opportunities, including asset protection, tax benefits, and streamlined registration processes. Our programs at Green Essence Training & Management address these challenges by offering comprehensive insights and strategies to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape.

You’ve successfully established ventures in various industries, including real estate, wellness, and cosmetics. What principles do you believe have contributed to your success as a serial entrepreneur across diverse domains?

Harshita Shukla: Throughout my journey as a serial entrepreneur, several principles have been key contributors to my success. A deep-rooted passion for my work, coupled with humility, a sense of responsibility, effective leadership, and patience, have all played pivotal roles in my achievements across diverse domains.

One of your book titles is “Success – A Formidable Challenge.” What are some of the challenges you’ve personally faced on your journey to success, and how did you overcome them?

Harshita Shukla: In my pursuit of success, I have encountered numerous obstacles that have tested my determination. Contrary to the misconception that success is solely achieved through education, I have learned that adhering to certain fundamental principles and rules is crucial. These lessons have guided me through challenges and propelled me forward.

Your writings also cover topics such as political leadership and building successful careers in public service. How do you see the role of leadership and service evolving in today’s dynamic world?

Harshita Shukla: In today’s rapidly changing world, the role of leadership and public service is evolving. Honest and just leadership, coupled with respect for individuals and communities, plays a pivotal role. Moreover, the integrity of our actions and a strong sense of community are vital aspects that shape the path toward a successful career in public service.

As someone who has accomplished so much, what motivates and drives you to continuously innovate and inspire others?

Harshita Shukla: My continuous motivation to innovate and inspire others stems from a combination of factors. My unrelenting hard work is driven by my dedication to my family and the principles I stand by. Upholding ethics in my work culture and fostering a sense of expertise within my team is what fuels my drive.

By following these principles, I not only empower my team but also help others grow by sharing my experiences and insights.

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