Harvard Business School students learned fine business mantras at the Indian dental care brand Whistle during their FIELD Global Immersion Project

Harvard Business School

New Delhi: A team of students from Harvard Business School successfully completed their one-week internship program – the FIELD Global Immersion Project in New Delhi. Harvard selected the Delhi-based dental care brand Whistle for this program.

Whistle was one of 157 FIELD Global Immersion Project Partners spanning 16 cities across 16 countries. Together these Partners combined to host more than 930 Harvard Business School students in all.

The FIELD Global Immersion is a course designed to strengthen and develop students’ ability to manage and operate effectively in a variety of business contexts.  The students pitched their ideas to the leadership team and presented their final recommendations to management.

The purpose of this immersive experience is to provide students with the opportunity to ’learn by doing’ through the challenge of introducing a new product, service, or customer experience for their Partner company.

This requires students to also focus on building contextual intelligence and team effectiveness skills while delivering value in an unfamiliar context.

Harvard is quick to acknowledge that this important learning experience would not be possible without the Project Partners.

“We are pleased to be working with Harvard Business School to provide students with a real-world learning experience and to get diverse global perspective on improving our product and service offering.

Whistle leverages Artificial Intelligence and Advanced 3D printing to design and manufacture custom aligners for correcting teeth irregularities, giving each customer a perfect smile, says Amarinder Singh, CEO, Whistle.

“We are extremely grateful to Whistle and all the FIELD Global Immersion Project Partners organizations for all they do on behalf of our students,” said Len Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor and Faculty Chair for FIELD Global Immersion.

“The students benefit immeasurably from this experience, and we hope the partner organizations do as well.”

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