Meet Hasnain Nawaz: An eCommerce Champ Helping The Youth Generate a Passive Income

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Meet Hasnain Nawaz: An eCommerce Champ Helping The Youth Generate a Passive Income

A lot of people start their entrepreneurial journey with a lot of heart and even more passion. But for Hasnain Nawaz, things were a little different.

You see, Hasnain was laid off from his job in the tech industry. After playing around with different ideas, he decided to give entrepreneurship a go.

But it wasn’t easy at first—he worked hard in his new career and achieved success through diligence and dedication.

Today, he’s an example for the youth because he showed us all that it doesn’t matter how you started—it’s all about what you do now and how you move forward.

Talking about his early life struggles and entrepreneurial career, Hasnain Nawaz says:

“There were many challenges in the beginning, but I knew that my determination would get me through them. I was determined to succeed, and I did.”

Engineering to IT: Transitioning into a New Career

Hasnain Nawaz, the founder of Online Wave TLD, grew up in a small town in Punjab. He graduated high school with an engineering degree from Government College Multan in 2014.

After graduating with honors, Hasnain was still unsure what he wanted to do with his life. So he decided to enroll in computer science subjects and went on to get diplomas in PHP, software development, search engine optimization (SEO), and eCommerce training for eBay and Amazon.

Hasnain started his first job as a computer operator at Pepsi Pakistan. He was responsible for data entry and analysis of data from various systems.

The company was looking to hire someone who could work on their backend systems and perform complex tasks such as data mining and analysis.

Later, Hasnain’s hard work paid off when he got hired by one of Pakistan’s top eCommerce Agencies where he was given the responsibility of creating an eCommerce platform that allowed them to sell products online.

He went on to bring revenue to the company through his efforts in driving sales through SEO techniques, bringing customers through search engine optimization, creating product pages that attract buyers through social media marketing strategies, creating eCommerce websites that are optimized for mobile usage, etc.

Laid Off from Job–He Was Swept Aside Like a Leaf in the Wind…

Hasnain Nawaz was an employee at a big company. He was doing well, and they were happy with him. He had worked hard, and he had helped the company grow. But then one day he got laid off.

He had no idea what was going on until he called his supervisor for an explanation: “I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about this,” she said. “Your contract has been terminated.”

“What?!” Hasnain said. “Why?”

“I have no idea,” she replied coldly. “It’s probably something you did.”

Hasnain was in shock—he’d been doing such a good job, helping this company grow so much… but then it all came crashing down on him like a hurricane.

He cried for days, unable to find any comfort in anyone else’s presence except his old Diyar-wood study table as he sat on it with his Core 2 duo laptop for hours at night.

And then Hasnain Nawaz realized something: if this was how someone could treat him without reason or cause, then maybe he should start working for himself instead of wasting his time being employed by others who would treat him poorly.

The Dawn of a New Day: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Awakens!

Hasnain Nawaz had been through his share of hard times. He was laid off from his job, and he still didn’t lose hope.

He decided to launch himself into entrepreneurship as a freelancer providing services related to dropshipping, Amazon, and eBay store optimizations.

He didn’t have any money initially to start this business—he had to survive without any income whatsoever for months on end—but that didn’t stop him from putting all his sweat and blood into it. He did hard work for hours on end, even when there was nothing left in his stomach.

It was difficult being self-employed in this industry because there are so many businesses out there vying for client attention and customers’ dollars.

He also turned down jobs that would have required him to relocate, which made it possible for him to survive without money for some time while he built up his customer base.

Finally, after working for months on end with no rest, he got a high-paying client and a series of clients started afterward. Hasnain could now make a handsome living from his passion.

Current Achievements–You Can’t Put a Price On His Success!

Hasnain has worked in a broad spectrum of online-related businesses. He is the CEO of Online Wave, a company that provides e-commerce services to clients globally. This includes managing their online stores and providing them with a wide range of marketing services.

In addition, as an entrepreneur Hussy has earned multiple income streams. He earns from Amazon Affiliate Marketer’s service by promoting the product on his website and other websites.

He also earns from Google Adsense by using their advertisements on his website. As an eBay seller, he sells products from all around the world and earns from selling them on the eBay platform.

He lives a luxurious life with a luxury car and luxury home that he bought only with his business achievements so far.

He also teaches skills to the youth so that they can become independent citizens instead of depending on low-paying jobs which are not enough for many families nowadays due to high inflation rates and high unemployment rates in many countries around the globe due to the global economic crisis caused by irresponsible financial policies implemented by politicians.

If you’re an unemployed person looking to earn some extra cash, Hasnain’s site HNPDFTools has the tools you need to get started. HNPDFTools is a free file conversion website that lets you earn money by converting files for foreign clients.

For example, you can convert documents like emails, invoices, contracts, and more for a company into PDFs so that they can be printed out easily.

Life Lessons by Hasnain Nawaz

  • Work hard and never give up. I always say that if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard for it. You will get there eventually if you put in the time and effort.
  • Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Everyone fails at some point, but it is how you deal with these failures that will determine whether you succeed or not.
  • Never give up on your dreams. It took me many years to achieve the kind of success I have today, but it was worth it in the end because I am living my dream.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. We are all unique individuals and our paths are different from each other’s; therefore, comparing yourself to someone else will only leave you feeling disappointed that they are better than you.
  • Be happy with the present. We all have our ups and downs in life, but it is important to stay positive about them and not let them get you down.

You can follow Hasnain Nawaz on Instagram, Twitter @rimrhussy, and Snapchat @imrhussy.

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